Dont Give Up

Justin doesnt wanna preform anymore. How will his fans react? After his parents death hes just given up and I am gonna have to pick him up and get him back on stage.


4. Get Up!

Emilys POV:

OMG! Justin had been doing nothing for a couple months now. They cancelled his Believe Tour and he hasnt even tried to make a new song. He hasnt tried to do much of anything. Ive been at Justins for about 4 months, and I dont think that my dad really wants me back at home... "Come On Justin! Get your ass up and go do something!" I said to him one morning. "Theres no point" He moaned. "Ok I know the bond you and your mom had. Do you honestly think shes looking down on you and saying 'Oh my amazing son never lets his fans down'?" I said. "Well No not really..." Justin agreed. "Well then get off your ass and go and right a song, or even sing one of your old songs..." I told him. "NOOOOOO" Justin cried. "COME ON JUSTIN! GO AND DO SOMETHING! ANYTHING I DONT CARE JUST SOMETHING!" I yelled. "I cant my mom just died and you want me to just go back to the way things were? You dont understand?" Justin said, he was getting pissed. I was about to cry. "Justin dont you remember about a year ago I LOST MY MOM TOO!" I shouted. "And who picked me up? Who made me think things were gonna be okay? Who made everything better" I said in tears. "It was you... It was all you.." I sobbed. Justin came and hugged me. "Im sorry Em. Im so so sorry" he said while tearing up. We sat on the couch and cried together. "Ok this is enough." I said while standing up. "Were going out" I added. "Where do you plan on going?" Justin asked. "Lets go to the zoo and take stupid pictures with scary animals" I said. "Thats about the dumbest idea youve ever had... But alright" Justin said.

Justins POV:

The zoo? Was she being legit? I havent been to the zoo since I was like 12.... I got ready and stuff then Emily drove us to the Toronto Zoo. We actually had fun. We almost got kicked out but it was all ok. No one even recognized me. How I missed my normal life. We were standing outside the elephants when there was this girl. She was beautiful. She worked at the zoo. "Hey" I said to her. "Hi?" she said. "How `bout you take a break here and let me take you to dinner" I said. "Not right now but maybe later tonight" Cute girl said. "Im Justin by the way" I said. "Im Hanna" cute girl said. She wrote down her number and handed it to me. "Call me" she said as she walked away. I walked over to Emily. "Hey you ready to go?" She said. Did she not see me with Hanna? Good because she would make fun of me forever. We went home and I called Hanna. We were gonna go to dinner. I got ready and left.

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