Dont Give Up

Justin doesnt wanna preform anymore. How will his fans react? After his parents death hes just given up and I am gonna have to pick him up and get him back on stage.


2. Come Stay with me

Emilys POV:
Patties death was like the death of a second mom. Justin and I have known eachother since we were in diapers. Scooter needed to fly back to L.A for work so Justin was alone. I woke up a couple days after the funeral and I got a text from Justin "Come stay with me for a couple days" it read. I imediatly started packing some of my things, when my dad barged in my room. "Where are you going" he said in kinda a angry tone... "Im going to stay at Justins for a couple days" I told him. "No your not" he answered. You see my mom understood Justin and I`s relationship, we werent dating but we kinda were. We could walk dont the street holding hands and it was no biggy. He could kiss me on the cheek and it wasnt awkard. But my dad totally didnt understand. And since it was just him and I now things were difficult. "I dont want you staying at some boys house" my dad added. "Its not "some boy" Dad its Justin! My best-friend... The one whos mom died" I yelled. "Well why cant he have one of his other friends help him" my dad said. How inconsiderate could he be! "He was the only one there for me when mom died so Im gonna be there for him wether you like it or not!" I screamed and then stormed out of the house. I drove to Justins house. I just walked in and Justin was laying on the couch surrounded by tissues, blankets and sappy movies. When he saw me, he imediatly stood up. "Hey" he said. I gave him a hug and kissed him on the cheek. "You ok?" I asked. "Yeah I think so" Justin answered. "Well then lets get you dressed and showered you do your hair you look terrible" I joked. "It doesnt matter anymore" Justin said. "What do you mean?" I answered. "Im done with all of it" he announced. "What do you mean" I said.... "Im done with everything. Done preforming. Done with music. Done with life" Justin added....

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