The Lepricorn down the street ♣

This is a fan fic about Ed sheeran, He pretends to be a lepricorn just to please Olivia but will she think thats cool, or slightly creepy>?


2. And packed it up for the day.

Ed and Olivia walked out of the door and across the short,green grass. Ed had his earphones in so did Olivia. "So where would you like to go Ed?" She smiled at him putting her headphones into her pocket. "Oh i'm not fussed could we go to HMV it's just I need some cd's" He looked at her whilst biting his short nails. "Oh that's fine then we could go to Mcdonalds or something" They both nodded and started walking to the nearest bus'stop. When they got to the bus'stop they shared Ed's headphones, he listened to Mcfly just like Olivia. They sang along to Love is easy until the bus arrived. They raced up to the top of the steps and straight to the back pulling faces at people passing. "Next stop" Olivia said smiling showing her white teeth. "Oh yeah it is!" Ed looked out of the window pressing the STOP button. They started running down jumping off the last step "Tar" They both said at the same time to the bus conducter.

They headed into town looking for HMV it was quite a while until they found one. Ed looked on every aisle fingering each C'D case with love in his eye. He eventually picked Mcfly Memory Lane and James Morrison Please Dont Let Me Go. Olivia got some Mcfly stickers and an ipod case. They walked out of HMV each carrying a small carrier bag. They started to look in mainly all the shops. They went into Kirgate Market and headed into Primark. Ed took quite a while choosing a grey hoodie whereas Olivia got a basket full of clothes. They spent about an hour in the shop choosing&trying things. Ed eventually got some grey skinny jeans, high'tops and a blue hoodie. Olivia chose jewellry,clothes and makeup. They headed down to Mcdonalds and ordered Double Mac's &Chips each with a Chocolate Milkshake. When they got out of Mcdonalds they looked at the large,china,ticking clock. "Wow times flew were late for our bus so we'll have to spend another hour in town, sorry" Olivia said to Ed biting her nails worriedly. "Oh yeah thats cool lets go to um DFS and sit on all the sofa's we used to do it back home" Said Ed he looked said, maybe he missed Ireland. "Yes me and my friends do it all the time!" Olivia said trying to lighten the mood.

They sauntered into DFS spending an hour in there. Ed chose a black leather sofa with grey furry cushions and a built in docking station. Olivia chose a patchwork sofa with pink and purple cushions with a built in TV. They headed down to the bus station and packed it up for the day.

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