The Lepricorn down the street ♣

This is a fan fic about Ed sheeran, He pretends to be a lepricorn just to please Olivia but will she think thats cool, or slightly creepy>?


1. Her cheeks as red as a beetroot

Olivia was a typical girl from Ireland. She lived in Yorkshire and had done for years. She had a strong Irish accent and loved to learn and hang out with her friends. It was saturday and some people were moving in two houses down from her. She had to take them a 'Welcome to Yorkshire!- card round so she put on her pink vans, her coat and walked down the street looking at the removal van and green grass. They had a son He was ginger and he looked sweet. She gave them the card and a strong irish accent appeared out of the boys mum "Oh thankyou! we really need some friends maybe you could come and hang around with Ed some day whats your name?" Olivia  smiled "Oh me? Im Olivia" She laughed "Ooh another Irish family how peculiar, anyway best go were abit busy bye!" Ed waved at her, So she waved back smiling with her dimples appearing. He went back down to listening to music humming along nodding his head. She walked back to her house walking in throwing her vans in the shoe box and hanging her barbour jacket up. "Are they nice Liv?" Her mum called from the kitchen. "Um yeah their Irish and they have a son called ed" She mumbled. "Ooh Livs got a boyfriend her mum chanted Im only kidding babe" Olivia stormed up stairs her cheeks were as red as a beetroot.

Days had passed and today she was going to go round to Ed's. She put on some black skinny jeans a white t'shirt and black leather jacket. She combed her curly ginger hair into a plait and tied the end with a pink ribbon. She put on some eyeliner,mascara powder and some clear lipgloss. She got her ipod putting her beats over her head listening to Mcfly. She walked into the conservartory and put on her bikerboots walking out of the door towards his house. She knocked three times smiling. They anwsered, it was Ed's mum she smiled and let Olivia in. "Hi Olivia i'll call Ed down you could go to the cinemas or the park or something?" She smiled with her twinkling eyes "That would be great, could I ask whats your name?" Oh my names Rosalee Olivia. "Oh thats a lovely name she said smiling Im looking forward to meeting Ed" Ed bounced down the stairs with his hands in his pocket he was wearing a denim shirt a leather jacket like Olivia and some black skinny jeans just like olivia. "Hi Ed " Olivia said to him looking him in his green eyes. "Oh Hi Olivia how are you?" "Im good want to go into town and go shopping or something we could go to nandos or something" He smiled his ginger hair glowing in the light. "Sure that'd be cool" He laced up his white converse and placed his hand on the handle

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