That should be me <\3

This story is about how this 16 year old girl named kaitlyn
Gets jealous of a 17 year old girl who is dating pop star sensation
Harry Edward styles.


2. Drama

As kaitlyn and niah walked out of class there best friend Montana was walking towards them
Looking very mad.What?! you guys didn't even think of taking me?! Montana said fiercely.
Niah looked up and said do you know how much two tickets cost? Montana walked away and said whatever just get me there autographs. Kaitlyn and Niah walked the other way jumping up and down.All of a sudden Michayla Niahs older sister came walking over punching Niah in the arm.Michayla raised her voice yelling "Why would you tell all of your friends about tomorrow?! You know mom doesn't want people calling at 3:00 AM in the morning asking if they could come
Remember what happened last time?! Yah you better hope no one does that because if they do mom will be so mad and take away your tickets.Niah punched Michayla back saying we only told Montana.Montana walked by Kaitlyn,Niah and Michayla with a group of friends laughing saying thanks Niah for telling us that your going to a one direction concert make sure to get us autographs! Michayla walked away and yelled you better pray Niah you better. Niah sighed saying "We'll there goes our tickets..."Kaitlyn said lets just go over to them and ask why there mouths have to be so big;) Niah said sadly no.Its okay "let's just go home"...
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