That should be me <\3

This story is about how this 16 year old girl named kaitlyn
Gets jealous of a 17 year old girl who is dating pop star sensation
Harry Edward styles.


1. Beginning.

Oh how I love Harry kaitlyn was whispering to her best friend Niah king in class.Niah
Smirked and said happily well we get to go see them tomorrow! It will be so awesome!
Just think we get to skip school and go see One Direction!
Kaitlyn smiled but didn't seem happy..Niah asked her softly what's wrong?
Kaitlyn chuckled her shoulders and said I don't know your older sister is coming too
And I thought it was just gonna be us.Niah rolled her eyes and said Kaitlyn
who cares if Michayla is coming she will be sitting in the fourth row with her friends and we will be sitting in the front row.
The bell rang and Kaitlyn jumped right out of her seat her and Niah smiled and walked out
The classroom together.
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