A New Beginning

Are you looking for a book that keeps you on the edge of your seat? Would you like to know what happens between Lily and Niall? Then read this book c: . It's a breath taking book. Lily and Niall have been best friends since 3rd grade. Lily moved away from her home town to California. She hates it there and misses Danbury Connecticut. She moves back and sees Niall still hasn't left. Find out what happens between them.


3. Hello Danbury

~Taylor's P.O.V.~

I cant believe i am going to see Lily again. I miss her crazy self shes super weird with ocean blue eyes with dark brown hair that falls perfectly its so curly too! I love her and miss her. When she gets here im going to ask her if she wants to move in with me and my lonely apartment. Shoot i have to get ready. 

~Lily's P.O.V.~

I ran to the entrance to the air port i was 5 mins early i want to get in line to board the plane. I walked to the sign that said F1 . I walked really slowly and hoping this wasnt a dream. I heard on the intercom a voice that sounded like a womans but i want to say mans voice say "F1 PLEASE GO TO THE LOADING DOCK! F1 PLEASE GO THE LOADING DOCK!" It was time to go here goes 5 hours on a plane. Hey it beats 1 week driving.

~Niall's P.O.V.~

I called Amber to tell her that the relationship. Then i saw curly hair come out of the doorway.

"Hey mate!" Harry said with a cheeky smile.

"Hey Harry! Whats up?" i said scratching my head like i just woke up.

"Ermm. Nothing much you? I texted Lily for you and she seems worried about you." He said pulling out his phone.

I stared at the texts . LILY BLUE IS WORRYING ABOUT ME! Wait, shes worried why am i excited? I grabbed my phone and ran with Harry behind me. I ran across the street to Taylor's and waited for her to open the door. I waited there for about 10 mins before her opening the door. I saw her long brown curly hair that she curled. Am i falling in love with Taylor?

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