A New Beginning

Are you looking for a book that keeps you on the edge of your seat? Would you like to know what happens between Lily and Niall? Then read this book c: . It's a breath taking book. Lily and Niall have been best friends since 3rd grade. Lily moved away from her home town to California. She hates it there and misses Danbury Connecticut. She moves back and sees Niall still hasn't left. Find out what happens between them.


2. Am i really going?

~Niall's P.O.V.~

I hope Lily comes back so i can show her my new girl friend! I cant wait! I admit that i used to be in love with her but she moved so i had to get over her.But now i dont think it was the best.I might break up with this girl for Lily. Lily was the best thing that happened to me. i dont want to lose her again..I turned on my phone i havent have it on since a few months. Suddenly it started to vibrate a bunch of times. They were all from Lily. I saw a bunch of hearts and x's going past my eyes on my iPhone. I decided to call my sister Lila she was the best sister. 

"Hey Lila!" i screamed

"Hey big bro!" Lila said as i can hear her smiling at the end. She was younger by one month.

" I need some help could i talk to you? It's about Lily and Amber." i said getting ready for what ever advice she had to offer

" Isn't Amber the one your dating now?" Lila said

" Yeah but im regretting saying yes. Im still in love with Lily. She's my one and only. We've been best friends since 3rd grade and i miss her." i said about to cry.

" Well if you feel that way then follow your heart broo! You really love her so break up with Amber and go after Lily! Well i have to go to the modeling agency! Bye Niall!"

 " Bye Lila i love you!" I heard her hang up. She can be mean at times but i love her dark haired girl. She is so beautiful. She has dark brown hair and its long and curly. She's medium size and the best face structure. But i have to break it to Amber. Then i noticed i only got one text from her and the rest was Lily's texts. I now know who im going for. Lily.

~Lily's P.O.V.~

I wanted Niall to text me back. Wait. was i being obsessive? I cant believe this i need to stop liking him or stop being obsessive! I heard a faint screaming in my ear. SHOOT i forgot i was on the phone with Taylor. Shit. i hope shes not mad.

"So you coming?" She said heavy breathing from screaming

" Um YES! I just need to get tickets! There is one in 1 hour ill go then ok!i need to get ready ill call you back when im in Danbury! Bye bye" i said hanging up the phone with out a response

I ran to my closet it was like Forever 21 store in there! I looked in the mirror. I.Looked.Like.A.Mess. i ran to the shower and jumped in.

10 mins later

I put some skinny jeans a half Irish and half British shirt on and curled my hair and slipped my grey toms on. I packed my clothes for a few days to spend a tooth brush and a straightener and a curling iron. I printed the ticket and ran out the door and locked it and went in my car and drove as fast as i can. 

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