A New Beginning

Are you looking for a book that keeps you on the edge of your seat? Would you like to know what happens between Lily and Niall? Then read this book c: . It's a breath taking book. Lily and Niall have been best friends since 3rd grade. Lily moved away from her home town to California. She hates it there and misses Danbury Connecticut. She moves back and sees Niall still hasn't left. Find out what happens between them.


1. Dumb California..

~Lily's P.O.V.~

I hate it here. California is good and all but i miss all my home town friends. Especially Niall. I miss them all. Everyone in Cali. is fake, they think there cool when there not. There all back stabbers.I cant wait till June and move back to Danbury Connecticut. But now it's January and June is 5 months away and i have to finish high school. I NEED to graduate to move back. So far i have all A's and a few B's. UGGGHHH i only have a few months left till i get out of this school. But mean while ive been trying to text Niall. I suddenly got a text

" Hey love, i'm sorry Niall hasn't got back to you. He's umm.. Kinda been busy. x" 

Oh my god. I just got a text from Harry Styles. I forgot Niall was in a boy band with Harry, Louis, Zayn and Liam. But why did he say hes umm? 

" It's fine. But what's with the umm? "

I had to find out what was wrong with him. Im kinda in love with Niall so i worry about him every single second yah know what im saying? Out of know where i got a call from a blocked call.

" Hello?" i squeaked in to the speaker.

" Why hello there Miss. Blue!" i heard a strange similar voice.

" Ummm.. Not to be rude and all, but who is this?" i said with a strong firm voice.

" Wow you dont remember me? I was your best friend since 3rd grade." now i was trying to figure it out. IT HAD TO BE NIALL.

" Is this Niall?" I said trying to hear who was in the back ground.

" Noo," i suddenly got sad and continued to listen " It's Taylor! Remember? I took your sand which in 3rd grade and you pushed me and started to eat it then BAM! We became best friends."

I screamed so loud when i heard it was Taylor! I miss her so much . And when we were little she lived across the street from Niall.

" TAYLOR! OMG I MISS YOU SO MUCH!" I nearly screamed in the phone.

" Hahhahaha! i miss you too! I was wondering since were both on break would you want to fly to Connecticut and see all your old friends and Niall still lives across from me so we can hangout together!" 

I suddenly thought. Am i really going to go back to Connecticut?

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