Flaws Are Over-rated..

Dead mom, abusive dad, never been allowed out of the house.. What does Kyra (Pronunciation: k-ear-ah) have to look forward to in life? She takes a break for it. But who does she run into? Her sobbing eyes puffy and red, as she hears her dad somewhere around a corner behind her. He doesnt seem far.. She finds herself falling.. in love. But what happens when she tells him her past? Would he hate her? Would he love her? Would it destroy everything?... ~STORY IDEAS ARENT MINE, THEY CAME FROM ONE I READ.~


2. What The...

Harry's POV:

Niall Had been gone for a while now. I wonder if he's alright. I decided I was going to go out, to look for him. I know he needs his space, but I just was worried.. Ya know?

"Louis! I'm going out to look for Niall." Realizing I hadn't told them that he left.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN? HE RAN AWAY!?" Louis yelled. He seemed mad yet sad..

"No, Louis. He left to take a walk. He needed some fresh air. I'm just gonna go look for him, mate. He's been gone for a while now."

Louis said, "Can I come with? Pretty, pretty, please?"

We was whinning. Like a four year old. But hey, I couldn't say no! "Sure. Get a coat, it's cold." So with that, he got a coat and we started walking toward the door.


Niall's POV:

She was so beautiful. Though, I think she was super duper shy. She hadn't answered my question. She never told me her name. So I asked one last time, "Hey, what's your name? I never cought it.."

She looked up at me, with her beautiful mezmerising blue eyes. "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry.. I feel horrible now. It's Kyra, by the way."

I chuckled. I couldn't help it. She was so cute. She asked me, "Why are you laughing?"

I said, "I'm not, silly. I'm giggling. There is a difference." And I winked at her. But she looked like she had that queezy feeling. I think I may have creeped her out.. "Oops, my bad. I didn't mean it that way!" She did nothing but laugh. God, she was so gorgeous when she laughed. I didn't want that moment to ever end. Until she said something to me that I'd never forget.


"Yeah?" I asked her.

"I-I-I'm kind of hungry. Oh god, you must think I'm stupid now." She sighed. "My dad locked the fridge and cabinets during the day, only letting me at at about midnight after he'd had his way with me.."

I just wanted to kill him. Why would he starve such a beautiful girl? Why her? What had she done that made him so angry? I said, "I don't think you're stupid. You should've told me before.. I'm perfectly fine with that. To be honest, I doubt I even get full. There's a secret of mine. I'm always hungry." We both laughed at that. We walked towards the door more and found ourselves stopped, looking into eachother's eyes. When all of a sudden, the door opens. It's Harry.

"O-Oh my gosh, I'm sorry. Was I interupting something?" He asked. Then Louis laughed and went back inside. He seemed ashamed and embaraced. He was such a cheeky boy.

"No, we were just coming in. By the way, this is Kyra." I said pointing to her. She gripped my hand tight, showing me she was scared. She whispered to me, "His voice reminds me of my dad when my dad yells at me.." She looked like she was going to cry.

Harry asked, "What's going on?"

I replied, "She's been through alot. I need to have a word with you later. Come on in, Kyra. I'll introduce you to the boys."

"B-Boys? What boys? I thought it was you and me.. Niall plea-" I interupted her. "You'll like them, trust me." And she nodded, but didnt let go of my hand.


Kyra's POV:

I didn't want to let go of his hand. It felt so right. Something with him was different though. I had never felt this before.. I think I liked him. He wanted to introduce me to boys. I was terrified.

"Kyra, this is Louis. This is Harry, you met him at the door already.." He said chuckling. "This is Zayn, and his girlfriend, Mirror. (A literal mirror; hence) and this is Liam."

I just smiled, I was too nervous.

"Boys, this is Kyra." He said to them. Then, they all started running over.


Nialls POV:

They started running over, when all of a sudden she screamed "PLEASE! DONT HURT ME! I beg of you.." And fell to the floor crying.

"STOP RUNNING!!" I yelled to them.

They immediately stopped and kept asking questions. "What's wrong?", "What? Did we do something?", "Niall, what's going on??"

I couldn't answer them. Not in front of her. I just replied.

"Go to your rooms or something, I'll talk to you later."

They then went to one of their rooms, and chatted.

I saw her on the floor, broken. I never expected this but, she said..

"Where did they go? I thought they were going to hurt me.." I picked her up, bridal style, and walked her to my room. I opened the door, locking it behind me. She looked at me.

"I thought you promised you would never never hurt me.. Please Niall.." she said.

I was devistated. She really thought I was going to hurt her? "No. I'm not going to hurt you. Ever. Nobody is. You can make a hell of a promise outta that."

She smiled. I lay her on the bed.

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