Flaws Are Over-rated..

Dead mom, abusive dad, never been allowed out of the house.. What does Kyra (Pronunciation: k-ear-ah) have to look forward to in life? She takes a break for it. But who does she run into? Her sobbing eyes puffy and red, as she hears her dad somewhere around a corner behind her. He doesnt seem far.. She finds herself falling.. in love. But what happens when she tells him her past? Would he hate her? Would he love her? Would it destroy everything?... ~STORY IDEAS ARENT MINE, THEY CAME FROM ONE I READ.~


1. Escape


Niall's POV:

"Harry, you can't just take all the food like it's yours.." I said.

I'm starving. Yet again, I woke up alone in my bed. I just looked over and out the window thinking, 'Where are you?'. I always feel the lonliness riding up my back and out of my mouth. All the boys could see it, too. I hated this. I just wanted a break. Me, Harry, Louis, Liam, and Zayn all lived in this winter house. We were off on break for two years. So we decided to spend it here.

"I know Niall.. I'm so hungry though." he relied to me.

I went to him and said "Harry, I'm going to go for a walk after my shower. I need some time to myself. Once I get everything sorted together, I'll be back. I won't be gone long. So, if any of the boys ask, I'm just out taking a stroll."

"Alrighty, but are you okay, man? I feel like something is wrong.." he asked me. I didn't know what to say. I honestly did not want to lie to him, but I didn't want to tell him the truth either. So I told him this,

"I just need to figure somethings out, and sort through all my thoughts. It's taking a huge toll on me and I just need some of my alone time."

He said, "Okay, take a shower, get ready, and go for a walk. Mate, I know you need it. I can see in it your eyes."

So with that, I went to the bathroom, and stripped myself of all my clothes. I stared with my shirt, then went to my pants, and then to my underwear. I turned the fan on, and the the shower head on. I stepped in and got shampoo and washed my hair. I looked down once, you know.. there. I suddenly realised, this belonged to nobody. Never belonged to anybody but me.

After my shower, I got ready. Including cologne and clothes, and brushing my hair. I walked to the door and put my shoes on,i put my my coat on, and before you knew it, I was gone.

It felt so nice outside. Dry, cold, foggy air.. But somehow it felt fresh. That feeling like, today, something wonderful is coming your way. I started to walk around corners of buildings and carried on in that peaceful kind of way.


Kyra's POV:

His deep voice yelled me to come downstairs, "Kyra! Get in here now!"

No, please no. Not today. I yealled back, "I need to go to the bathroom first! I'll be in there shortly!"

"Right now!! I want you clean. You can go to the bathroom in here." he said.

Ugh, it was going to happen today. He was going to abuse me again. I needed somebody to help me get away from here. I'm in danger, and he hurts me in every way possible when he does all this to me. I already had a bag packed, so I grabbed it, and snuck through my window, and left the house. He had realised I was gone. He screamed for me, threatening me with almost no doubt in the world that he would lose me. "KYRA! WHEN I FIND YOU, I AM GOING TO BEAT YOU AND FUCK YOU UNTIL YOU RIP APART!"

Oh my god, I'm going to die if he catches me. I ran, I ran as fast as I could. Pushing myself not to stop. Suddenly, I saw this teenage boy, looking about my age, walking past our house. I yelled to him as I caught up to him, "Please! Please help me, get me out of here! He is going to hurt me!!"

He looked scared, with worry in his eyes. He stopped me and asked, "What are you talking about? What's wrong?"

I just said as quick as I could, "We need to run. Don't stop, he'll catch us! KEEP RUNNING PLEASE!" I was crying at this point.

"Okay, we'll run to my house, it isn't far, but if we go quickly, he won't find us, I promise. I'll keep you safe from harm." he said as he stared to run. He grabbed my hand, "Follow."

So I followed him until I couldn't run anymore. I didn't see my father, but that didn't mean he couldn't see me. We arrived in this huge driveway. The gate closed, and we were finally safe. As we caught our breath, we sat down on a bench in front of this huge house.

I thanked him, "Thank you, I probably would have been dead if I never ran into you."

He wondered, "Now, can you please tell me what's wrong? I just want you safe. Tell me what happened, before you met me. By the way, my name is Niall, and you?" At this point, while saying his name, he started moving his hand towards mine. I backed away, then so did he, "I'm sorry.. What's happening?"

I didn't know him well, I just met him. But after all, I have to tell him. He saved my life. "My mom died from cancer two years ago. Since then, my dad has been treating me like I'm some sort of toy." He gasped and his eyes got watery, he could tell what was going on now, but still wanted to hear.

So I continued, "Every some nights of the week, he would call me into him room. I had to go in there, or he said he would put a knife into my stomach. He would tie me to the bed, and strip me of all my clothes. Then beat me until I was unconcious, and rape me while I was unconcious. But I knew he would call me in there today, so I packed a bag of stuff I would need." I showed him the bag that only consisted of a few clothes, and some pajamas. "See, there isn't much. But it's what I needed. So I jumped out my window, and ran until I met you."

He said crying, "You didn't deserve that. Nobody does. Someday I will find that bastard, and kill him."

I cried at this point, even harder, "No, or you would go to jail. I'll just find a place to stay, and stuff. I will never go back to that house." I finally started to feel comfortable around him. He was the only person who I felt safe with, he was so protecting and sweet. Not to mention, very very attractive.


Niall's POV:

We were both sitting there, crying. I can't believe he would do that to such a beautiful young girl, who has so much ahead of her. I said to her, "I would go to jail for you any day. To make sure you're safe, that's worth it. And why don't you stay here with me? There's plenty of room. It's very spacious."

I leaned toward her to wipe off her tears. She was so gorgeous when she cried. I would never make her cry though, just to see how pretty she was when she cried. She backed away. I appologized, I had forgotten that she doesn't trust people. I decided to take her inside to where she would stay, and to introduce her to my roomates.

She replied to what I had said, "Thank you, it means alot. Seriously. And no, I couldn't possibly-.."

Before she could reply, I stood up and held my hand out for her to grab mine. I re-assured her as calmingly as I could, "Do you trust me, beautiful?"

She blushed, "Yes."

So she grabbed my hand, and we walked towards the door.

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