Bloody Hearts (A Sequel to Bloody Love)

Welcome to the sequel to BLOODY LOVE!!!!!!

Now after Harry died Cassie became secluded.

She never talks to anyone.

She even thinks about suicide.

But what happens when she has to fight to get her love back?

Find Out in Bloody Hearts!


16. Vampire harry=Insane!

(Cassie's POV)

(4 weeks later)

I woke up to Harry's curls all up in my face and his head right next to mine.

We went dancing last night so he was exhausted.

Four weeks passed by quick.

I could tell its almost time for the baby.

I smiled and peaked his lips before starting to play with his abs.

I outlined all his abs and heard him moan.

I looked at him and saw a smile on his face.

Wait if this is vampire harry I'm slapping him.

Me-Harry wakey wakey.

His eyes opened and they were half and half again.

Gh/Vh-Good morning babe.

He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer before starting to tickle me.

Me-Ahhh no you two stop this *laughs*


They tickled me more and more.

I knew what I could do to stop them.

I leaned up and planted a kiss on his lips.

At fist the red eye went wide but the green one sparkled with love.

I then slipped out of his arms and giggled.

Me-You two ok?


He got up also and went to the drawers while I went to the closet and got dressed.

I heard a grunt noise and then a thump.

I ran back into the room to find harry on the ground panting with both red eyes.

Vh-Blood, blood, blood

He kept chanting it over and over again.

Me-*Backs up* Ok harry calm down, I'll go heat you up a bag ok?

Vh-NO! I don't want blood from a stupid blood bag I want it freshhhhh.

He sounded demonic as he chuckled and backed me against the wall.

Me-Harry stop I have the baby!

He didn't stop instead he took my arms and pinned them above my head then stuffed his head into the crook of my neck.

I was panting heavily as he rubbed his fangs up and down my neck slowly.

He kissed my neck all the way up to my ear and whispered.

Vh-Cassie, why don't you love me? I can give you so much pleasure without having to even try, you'd be begging for more each time I touch you.

I tried wiggling out of his grip but I couldn't even as a vampire.

He chuckled at my poor attempt.

Vh-Tsk tsk tsk, poor poor cassie.

Me-I don't want you vampire harry ,I love my harry not you and I never will so get that through your head!

He growled and put a lot more pressure on my wrists.

Vh-Well when I get rid of your harry, you will be marring me.

Me-Haha your funny.

He looked down shaking his head and smirking.

Vh-I knew you were going to say that, and well I am prepared to bring out your inner vampire.

I gasped.

He smirked.

Vh-Oh yes babe, now I can't resist you any longer I know you still have blood running through your veins that's how you produced a child.

Me-NO! Let me go you jack ass!

He stuffed his head back into my neck and kissed it more.

Right before he bit in he stopped.

Vh-Wait I have a better idea!

He pulled away from me and opened up the window.

I took this time to try and run away.

As I did he saw me and rushed over.

Vh-Tsk, tsk, tsk trying to escape from me? Well your not going to.

He clamped a hand over my mouth and ran out the window with me in his arms.

We stopped in an alley and he let me down.

Vh-Be right back cassie.

I couldn't say a thing cause he was already gone.

A few minutes passed and then he was back with a girl in his arms.

Vh-It's time for you to taste blood from a live human.


Too late, he bit into the girl and started drinking from her.

The blood crept into my nose and made my mouth water.

I would not let my inner vampire out but the blood did get to me.

I was soon walking up to vampire harry and the girl who was crying.

He looked up and pulled away.

Vh-Take a bite.

I looked at the girl and felt guilty.

But I did bite down and start sipping the blood.

I didn't drink to much and pulled away.

Vh-You don't want more?

Me-No unlike you I didn't let my inner vampire out, I am in more of control than you.

He growled.

Vh-Fine more for me!

Before I could protest be bit down and drained the poor girl.

I looked down not wanting to see the gore and he slurped down the blood like a slurpy.

When he was finished he got rid of the body.

He looked at me and smirked before pushing me against the wall and slammed his lips onto mine.

His mouth was still covered in blood as he slipped in his tongue.

I tried to pull away but he grabbed the back of my neck and kept me in place.


Ariana and zayn ran and grabbed vampire harry off me.

I wiped my mouth and walked up to vampire harry, who was struggling against Ariana and  

Zayn .

I then slapped the shit out of him.

Me-Disgusting ass jerk from hell.

He hissed but then zayn put him to sleep ad we all went back home.

Then I realized.

The full moon is tomorrow.

That means




The battle.

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