Bloody Hearts (A Sequel to Bloody Love)

Welcome to the sequel to BLOODY LOVE!!!!!!

Now after Harry died Cassie became secluded.

She never talks to anyone.

She even thinks about suicide.

But what happens when she has to fight to get her love back?

Find Out in Bloody Hearts!


6. Vampire Harry

I stepped back in complete horror.

It couldn't be?!

Vampire Harry-*Chuckles* I believe we have met before haven't we?

I didn't say a word just stared at him.

VH-Ah yes when I almost turned you the last time.

I nodded but that's all I could do.

He smirked red eyes glowing in the darkness of the alleyway.

I was still calming down when I finally spoke up.

Me-So your harry's inner v-v-vampire?!

He chuckled a deep menacing chuckle before looking back at me.

VH-Oh cassie ,sweet little cassie even as a vampire you still are innocent.

His cold hands rubbed my arms while his red eyes stared into mine.

VH-I must say though you look even sexier as a vampire.

Me-Please harry just let me go and I can help you.

VH-Why would I need help , I love the way I am besides your Harry is locked up in the back of my mind and I'm not planning on letting him out anytime soon.

Tears became to come.

Me-Please just let me see him at least once more PLEASE!

He stood there pretending to think with a smirk plastered on his face.

VH-I guess I can let him out just for a tiny minute but at a cost.

Me-What's the cost?

VH-Oh you will see.

He stepped back and closed his eyes.


Normal Harry-Hey Cassie.

He whispered weakly.


I ran to him and gave him a big hug making him chuckle.

NH-Hey my beautiful angel.

Me-I miss you the vampire harry is nothing like you.

NH-I know babe I know shhhh it will be ok I will find a way to fight him and come back to you then we can finally get married , as a matter of fact.

He pulled out the ring and got down on one knee.

NH-Cassandra Nicole Bishop I soon as I first saw you I was immediately in love. You stole my heart and I never want it back. You are my world. My everything. Now what I want to know is would you marry me!

My eyes filled up with joyful tears as I jumped into his loving arms.

Me-Yes, oh yes Harry I would love too!

He smiled and slipped the ring onto my left hand finger.

NH-I love you cassie with all my heart!

Me-I love you too harry!

We slammed our lips together with all the love and passion we had for one another.

The kiss felt like it lasted forever in till I felt it start getting more and more ruff.

I opened my eyes only to stare into blood red eyes.

I pulled away as fast as I could and slapped him full force.

Me- Omfg you nasty asshole from hell!

VH-*chuckles*Well nice to see you too cassie , and damn I am really missing out on those lovely lips of yours.

I rolled my eyes and scoffed.

Me-How dare you kiss me , I am engaged!

VH-Ah ah ah I said I would let you see your harry at a cost and me kissing you was it.

I scoffed again and looked away.

VH-Aww what's wrong cassie don't you love me too?

Me-Not no but hell to the fucking no!

He wrapped his arms around me from behind , bringing me closer to him.

VH-Well I could always change that you know I have a lot of ways I could , I'm pretty sure your inner vampire would be more than happy with loving me.

My eyes widened.

Me-You wouldn't dare.

VH-Oh but I would my dear I would.

A shiver went down my spine as he finally let go of me.

VH-*Chuckles*Now lets go cassie I sense the others are back home and are worried sick about us.

I was to weak to move even an inch.

I could feel his chuckle vibrate through me.

VH-Here lets get you inside the car shall we?

All I could do was nod it felt like he just drained every single drop of energy I had in me.

He lifted and carried me to the car bridal style and even buckled me in.

Finally he hid his messy meal and got into the car himself.

Me-*sleepily* Are you ok to drive?

VH-I'm a vampire not a drunk mortal.

I barely summed up enough strength to let out a small giggle.

I was so tired.

VH-Go ahead babe get some rest , I will wake you when we're there.

I nodded to tired to protest and let sleep over come me.

Heyyy guys its CHEYANN!!!!!!! I updated hope you all enjoy it. I love all my fans and thank you for being so patient and understanding. I miss you all love you!!!!
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