Bloody Hearts (A Sequel to Bloody Love)

Welcome to the sequel to BLOODY LOVE!!!!!!

Now after Harry died Cassie became secluded.

She never talks to anyone.

She even thinks about suicide.

But what happens when she has to fight to get her love back?

Find Out in Bloody Hearts!



(Louis POV)

Me and katie were in the middle of getting the baby shower ready.

Harry made cassie go out with him while me and everyone else worked on the baby shower.

We had most of it set up >>>>PHOTO>>>>

Katie was in charge of the games which will be fun.

Katie-Babe we need to hurry.

Everyone was just finishing up the final touches.

Me-This is going the best baby shower in the whole universe!

Zayn-*Chuckles* Ok calm it louis, its cassie's baby shower not yours.

Ariana-Yeah that would just be weird.

I rolled my eyes,

Time to bring out the sass master.

Me-I know its not mine, and no sassing the sass master or ill mess you up.

Zayn-Oh yeah? Bring it.

I growled playfully and pounced on him.

We rolled around intill I pinned him.

Me-HA thats how the masta does it.

He stuck his toungue out at me and go up.

We finally finished and hid as we heard a car pull up.

Well here we go.

(Cassie's POV)

Me and harry finally got home and all the lights were out.

Me-Harry whats going on?

No answer.


Again no answer.

Then all of a sudden the lights flicked on and everyone jumped out screaming.


My eyes sparkledat the whole baby shower set up.

It had all kinds of candy and sweets everywhere.

Louis/Katie-Well what do you think?

I was speechless but i summed up the words.

Me-Its amazing!

Everyone cheered and pulled me into a hug.

Katie-Time for party games!!!!

We all sat in the living room.

She came back out with twister , pillows, and mini weights.

Katie-Ok well cassie your going to be the judge and harry, zayn, liam , niall , and louis all have to become preggers.


All the guys groaned as katie wrapped the weight pillows around them.

Katie-Ok and GO!

So the fun began.

Louis was first to fall and liam was second.

Niall-AHHH this is so hard!

Me-Now you know how I feel all the damn time.

He soon fell after words.

Now it was just zayn vs harry.

In the end they both fell at the same time.

Me-Well we will have to play another game for the tie breaker.

Katie smiled and ran up stairs again.

I chilled out as the boys cleaned up that mess.

Michelle-Having fun?

Me-Hell yeah!

Finally katie came back down with two baby bottles filled with smirnoff.

Katie-Ok well the first one to drink all the smirnoff wins.

They smirked and started chugging.

In the end harry won.

He came over to me and kissed me.

I smiled and kissed back.

We all opened the presents next.

They all bought all kinds of clothes and bottles and stuff.

Harry came up next and put a jewlrey box in my hand.

I opened it and saw a bracelete with darcy's name on it.

Me-Oh harry its perfect!

I hugged him and gave everyone else a hug.

Me-Thank you all.

All-Your welcome.

I was getting tierd more and more.

Harry-*chuckles* Ok guys lets wrap up everything someone is getting tierd.

I was already almost asleep when harry picked me up and walked me to our room.

Harry-Night Angel.


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