Bloody Hearts (A Sequel to Bloody Love)

Welcome to the sequel to BLOODY LOVE!!!!!!

Now after Harry died Cassie became secluded.

She never talks to anyone.

She even thinks about suicide.

But what happens when she has to fight to get her love back?

Find Out in Bloody Hearts!


13. Meeting Ariana

 (Cassie's POV) After last weeks Atlanta scare everyone has been on guard of both me and her. Using my healing power and carrying a baby is very tiring you know. Vh-Hey you ok? Oh yeah vampire harry is back in full control. Me-Yeah just thinking if I want to get up or not. He chuckled. Vh-Can I talk to you? Me-*Sits up*Sure. He sat down on the bed and smiled. Vh-Listen I was thinking sense harry is not in the picture how about I.... He rubbed my stomach. Vh-Take care of you and the baby and you. Me-OH HELL TO THE MOTHER FUCKING NO! GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME! He chuckled and got right into my face. Vh-And what if I don't babe? I was getting really pissed. Me-Get out if my face! I screamed. Vh-No. I threw up my hands and all of a sudden everything froze. I was still moving but vampire harry was frozen in place. Me-Woah! I heard foot steps come up and in came Niall. Niall-What happened? Me-Well vampire harry is in control and he tried to make a move on me. Niall-Ok but how is he frozen? Me-I think I have another power. Niall-Not you but Darcy. I smiled. Me-Really?! Niall laid his hand on my stomach. After a little he smiled. Niall-Yup little Darcy has her first power! I rubbed my stomach. Me-Well how do we un freeze him? I pointed over at Harry. Niall smiled and walked over to him with me. Niall-Simple push your belly onto him and Darcy will do the rest. I nodded and pushed my belly till it touched harry. Soon he landed in my empty spot. Vh-Huh? Me-Hi there. He looked at me in complete confusion. Vh-How did you do that? Me-Not me Darcy, and by the way. I slapped the shit out of him. Me-That's for making a move on me you fucking pervert! He grabbed his face in shock. I turned on my heel and grabbed a hold of niall's arm. We left the room and walked down the hall. Niall-Zayn wants you to meet his new girl she is pretty but I have Michelle. I smiled as Niall helped me down the stairs. I could hear chatting in the living room. As we walked in zayn smiled and whispered into the girls ear then they both stood up and walked over to me. Zayn-Cassie I would like you to meet Ariana. Me-Pleasure to meet you Ariana. Ariana-Please you don't need to be professional with me. Me-Good *Laughs* I gave her a hug. Me-Welcome to the family. Ariana-Thanks. We all made our way to the couches, Ed got up and offered me his seat. Me-Aw thank you Ed. Ed-No problem love. I smiled. Me-So Ariana you up for some shopping with me and the girls? Ariana-Hell yeah, when it comes to shopping it's my middle name. Me-*Laughs* Perfect, can we go guys? Michelle-Please Nialler? Katie-Please boo bear? Atlanta-Please leeyum? Ariana-Please zany? We all pouted the cutest as possible. All-*Laughs* Fine. We all jumped up in the air and ran to all the boys giving them all a hug. Liam-Cass you might want to tell harry your leaving. I nodded and ran upstairs to his bedroom. Me-Harry? I looked and saw red eyes staring back at me. VH-Yes? Me-Im going out shopping, so don't worry about me. Vh-*scoffs* Like I care anyways. I rolled my eyes before giving him a kiss on the cheek, no lips for him that's only for my real harry. His face brightened up and a smile slid across his lips. I smiled back and grabbed my purse. As I walked outside all the girls were all ready in my car. I got in and smiled at everyone. Me-Shopping spree!!!!!! All-Yes!!!! I turned on the car and we drove off to the mall. When we got there we all ran in like crazy people. (2 hours later) We almost bought the whole mall when we finally decided to get something to eat. Me-So Ariana hows it feel to be with zayn? Ariana-Well he hasn't actually asked me out yet. Katie-Well he better get to asking. We all laughed. Michelle-Were you a fan of one direction? Ariana-Hell yeah! Directioner forever bitches! We all high fived. Ariana-So cassie your pregnant? Me-Yup. I popped the p at the end. Ariana-Congrats, I bet harry is very proud. Me-Yeah, if only he was here. Ariana looked confused. Atlanta-See harry's inner vampire took over ad now they are fighting for who gets control. Ariana'a eyes widened as she pulled me into a hug. I was tearing up. Ariana-Im so sorry cassie. Me-*pulls back* It's not your fault, I will just hope for the best. They all nodded. We got done eating and went back home. As we pulled up the door was broken off the hinges. Katie-Wtf?! Ariana-What happened? Me-*Smells air and eyes widened* WEREWOLVES! We all jumped out of the car and ran in to find all of the boys besides harry fighting with Derek's pack. I saw two new wolves with them so I knew Derek had turned two more people. Katie, Atlanta, Michelle, and Ariana jumped in to fight. I looked down at my stomach in concern. I couldn't fight. I ran up stairs dodging the battle and ran to Harry's room. But he wasn't there. I heard a growl behind me. Slowly I turned around and saw crystal in wolf form snarling at me. I backed up in fear as she came closer and closer. She transformed back into a human and laughed as she grabbed me by the throat. Crystal-Poor, poor cassie, all alone and totally helpless. I hissed at her but that only made her tighten her grip on my neck. Crystal-That's ok now Taylor can have harry all to her self. I was trying to get free as she leaned in to my stomach. Crystal-Say good bye. Her teeth lengthen to canines as she was about to bite. Good bye.   Hey guys so what do you think? Ok so I am letting all of you ask me any questions you want. To ask me a question either tweet me a question on twitter, comment here, or in my inbox. Remember any question you want, it could be about me, what I look like, etc. Anything you want. Well bye for now -Cheyann

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