Bloody Hearts (A Sequel to Bloody Love)

Welcome to the sequel to BLOODY LOVE!!!!!!

Now after Harry died Cassie became secluded.

She never talks to anyone.

She even thinks about suicide.

But what happens when she has to fight to get her love back?

Find Out in Bloody Hearts!


10. Little one

The sun beamed into my eyes but that's not what woke me up.
I was feeling sick to my stomach , I jumped out of Harry's arms and ran to the bathroom.
As soon as I reached the toilet I threw up blood..
I kept throwing up more and more blood , what the hell is wrong with me?!?!
After 30 minutes I had thrown up at least half the blood I had consumed.
Vh/Gh-Cassie?! Are you ok?!
I was too weak to even make a move to look at him.
He ran over to me in a flash and saw all the blood.
Vh/Gh-Omfg cassie what happened?!
Me-*Weakly* I-I-I don't know but I......
Before I could finish my eyes rolled back and darkness over came me.
(Vampire Harry's POV)
As soon as cassie blacked out sorrow filled me. The normal harry sprung into action and grabbed her and brought her back to the bed.
Nh-We need to get blood into her system.
I agreed as we both only had one thing on our minds.
Helping cassie.
We grabbed as much blood bags as we could and ran back to the room.
Me-Start feeding her.
He ripped open the bag and immediately put it up to her lips.
She slowly drank it all but was still passed out.
We pulled back , I put our hands on her stomach and tried to concentrate.
Nh-What the hell are you doing?
Me-Shut up , I have powers too you know. 
He immediately shut his mouth and let me focus.
Our eyes focused into her belly like x-ray vision and saw exactly what was making her sick.
A tiny baby still developing.
It was defiantly a girl as I read her thoughts.
Me-How I mean when did yo......
I came to my senses and was fuming.
Me-You did it last night when I was asleep didn't you?!
Nh-Yes , I'm sorry I accidentally forgot protection , I mean she is my fiancé I do have a right to make love to her.
I scoffed then looked back at her.
Me-Well looks like she won't be fighting in the war anytime soon.
Nh-Please can I have some alone time with her?
I agreed and let him take over for a little while I went back to sleep.
(Normal Harry POV)
I couldn't help but smile as I stared at my little baby girl kicking around within her mother.
She was perfect.
As I continued to stare at our little girl cassie woke up.
I smiled and gave her a kiss on the lips and forehead.
Me-Hey sleeping beauty , I have some news for you.
Cassie-Is it why I'm so sick?
Me-Yup ..... Cassie your pregnant!
Her mouth dropped to the floor in complete shock.
Cassie-Are you sure?!
Me-One hundred percent , our little girl is in there.
Cassie looked down at her stomach and rubbed the small bump that was already starting to form.
Cassie-Well hi there my perfect little angel , I'm your mommy.
Cassie was smiling as tears of joy slipped down her cheeks.
I read the baby's thought and smiled.
Me-She's smiling , she loves the sound of your voice.
Cassie looked at me and smiled , I smiled back at her and kissed her.
The baby started kicking all around which made me and cassie both chuckle.
Cassie-Ok little thumper.
I chuckled again before pulling up Cassie's shirt and kissing her belly.
Me-What should we name her?
Cassie thought for a moment then smiled.
Cassie-Well how about Darc , Darcy Anne Styles.
Me-Its perfect!
I kissed Cassie's belly again and started rubbing it.
Me-Hey their Darcy it's daddy , me and mommy can't wait to see your beautiful face.
I read Darcy's thoughts and smiled.
Me-She loves her name , and she loves the both of us.
Cassie smiled and rubbed her stomach more.
Cassie-Harry were parents!!!!!
I smiled and grabbed her chin before kissing her soft lips.
It seemed forever in till we finally pulled away and smiled.
Cassie-We have to tell everybody!
I nodded and told everyone to come into the room.
Sure enough Ina flash everyone was in.
Me-Ok me and cassie have some great news to tell you all.
Liam/Atlanta-What is it?!
Louis/Katie-Don't keep us in suspense !
Zayn didn't say anything he already could tell.
He stormed out of the room pissed as hell.
I shrugged It off and looked at cassie before nodding.
Cassie-I'm pregnant!!!
They screamed and ran to cassie giving her a big hug.
Niall-Move over hug buddy coming through!
He joined in hugging cassie.
Liam-Holy cow I'm going to be and  
Ed-Me too!
We all grouped hugged.
Ed-So what is it girl or boy?!
Cassie-Girl , her name is Darcy Anne Styles.
Atlanta-I love it!!!!
Michelle-Too cute!
Katie-Were going to be aunties!!!!
We all laughed.
Me-Ok guys lets let cassie relax.
They all nodded and left in a second.
I handed cassie to blood bags.
Me-Here babe you need more blood sense you have to support more now.
She smiled and chugged down both bags.
Me-Ok now rest you need all the energy you can get.
She nodded before curling up next to me and falling asleep.
I'm a father!
The words repeated in my head in till I fell asleep myself.

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