Bloody Hearts (A Sequel to Bloody Love)

Welcome to the sequel to BLOODY LOVE!!!!!!

Now after Harry died Cassie became secluded.

She never talks to anyone.

She even thinks about suicide.

But what happens when she has to fight to get her love back?

Find Out in Bloody Hearts!


19. It All Ends Here part 3

Cassie's P.O.V

The pain was un bearable.

I was screaming and pushing with all my might.

???-That's it baby just one more.

I opened my eyes and saw Harry's sparkling green ones.

I then nodded and smiled pushing one more time.

Soon little cries echoed in the room.

I opened my eyes and saw harry cutting the umbilical cord and cleaning off little Darcy.

Harry-Look at you, look at my beautiful little angel.

He then laid her in my arms.

Me-Oh my god harry she's so beautiful.

The joyful tears slipped down my cheeks.

Harry-*Chuckles*Just like her mommy.

He kissed me on the lips.

Me-I missed you harry.

Harry-I missed you too baby, but now we can be together forever, you, me all the boys andgirls, and little Darcy here.

I smiled and cuddled her closer.

She was sleeping but still growing at a rapid pace.

Me-How long till she stops growing?

Harry-Well she grows by weeks so by the end of this year when she turns 18 like you, she will stop growing.

I smiled and gently rocked her.

Harry stroked Darcy's head and cooed to her.

Harry-Hey baby girl, it's daddy.

She smiled and grabbed his finger.

I kissed her forehead earning another smile from her.

Me-I love you darcy, and I love you Harry.

Harry helped me up and change the sheets.

I went to the baby room and laid Darcy down.

Then suddenly the front door burst  open.



The fight was already bloody.

Katie and Louis killed Tom from the wanted already.

(Zayn's P.O.V)

Me and Sylvia were fighting one on one.

And right now he was winning.

Sylvia-Forget it Malik you and your little friends are dead, and who knows we may take over your girlfriends.

I growled and flipped him off of me.

Me-No you will never touch Ariana!

I sounded demonic as I growled more at him and pinned him down.

I fangs lowered and dug into his throat.

I ripped out his whole throat, blood spreading every where from his neck.

Me-Good riddance.

Then I started running to help the others.

Ariana was trapped with Derek hovering over her.

I tried to run for her but was stopped by max.

(Niall's P.O.V)



I smirked and jumped up kicking him.

He got back up and punched me in the stomach over and over again.

I was soon on the ground coughing up blood.

He took that opportunity to kick me in the face, sending me into a tree.

I tried to get up but he twisted one of my knees till I heard a crack.

I screamed out in pain.

Nathan-Tsk tsk tsk, I could see the tabloids now, One direction found dead.

He chuckled evilly and grabbed my throat

Nathan-So long.

I closed my eyes accepting my fate.

Suddenly I heard a growl.

I opened my eyes again and turned my head to see Michelle running at us.

Nathan's eyes widened as he dropped me and began running.

Too late Michelle jumped over him and grabbed his head.

She ripped it clean off his shoulders and shook it around like a rag doll.

I tried to get up but the pain was overwhelming.

Michelle changed back with blood all over her face and ran over to me.

Michelle-Niall babe are you ok?

Me-He snapped one of my knees.

She looked at it and saw the none sticking up.

Michelle-Oh my god Niall the bone!

I nodded and groaned at the pain.

That's when the ground started to shake.

We both looked over and saw ed slamming Zach into the ground making it crack.


(Ed's P.O.V)

I slammed Zach once more.

He whimpered and shifted back to human form.

Zach-Please have mercy.

Me-After what you tried with cassie your lucky I don't make our death slow and painful you pathetic disgusting mutt!

I then snapped his neck a hard as I could.

I kicked his body to the side and went on to fight more.

I heard a scream and saw max holding zayn's head in his hands ready to rip it off.

I ran over to then and used my fire element to light max on fire.

He screamed and fell to the ground burning to ashes.

I ran over to Zayn and turned hi around.

He looked terrible.

His nose was broken and bleeding badly, his right eye was bruised badly and his arm was defiantly broke.

I picked him up and laid him next to Niall.

I heard another wolf howl in pain.

I looked over and saw Ariana with Derek's dead body in her hands.

She must have broke his neck then started drinking him dry.

Once done she started to fight Jovi another pack member of Derek's.

(Liam's P.O.V)

Me and Atlanta had Jay cornered.

Atlanta used her power and started bashing him into tree to tree.

Jay-You fucking ugly ass bitch.

I growled and kicked him multiple times in the side.

Me-Shut your god damn trap.

Atlanta grabbed his head while I grabbed his body.

Atlanta-On three?

Me-On three




And snap off with his head.

Atlanta-Thank you for defending me Liam.

Me-Any thing for my baby, I love you Atlanta an I would do anything for you.

She smiled and kissed me.

But it was short lived when we heard Ariana and Michelle scream.

(Katie's P.O.V)

In a flash we ran over to Ariana.

That fucking bitch Jovi bit Ariana and slashed Michelle's throat.

Michelle was barely hanging on.

While the others tended to them I ran after Jovi who was hiding behind a tree.

Me-You fucking bitch!

Me and her started to fight but I soon grabbed her werewolf head and snapped it.

Me-Burn in hell bitch!

I drank every last drop of blood from her system.

Once I was done I felt Louis put his hand on my shoulder.

All that was left was Taylor.

I looked strait at her.

Me-You get your ass far far away from us, your lucky I'm 

Ed gathered all the body's and lit them on fire.

Once burt to ashes he put water on the fire and put it out.

I grabbed Michelle, Atlanta grabbed Niall, Louis grabbed Ariana, and both Ed and Liam grabbed Zayn.

Then we took off back to the house.

(Back to cassie's P.O.V)

Me and Harry both came running down after putting darcy down into her crib.

Once we were there our eyes widened.

Zayn, Michelle, Ariana, and Niall were all in bad shape.

Michelle being the worse.

Me-Shit I need to start with Michelle guys lay her down on the floor.

They did and stepped back.

Me-Atlanta start sucking the venom from Ariana and hurry!

She did.

I bit into my wrist and put it into Michelle's mouth.

I couldn't loose my best friend sense birth I just couldn't.

My blood is the biggest healing blood ever.

Soon her inner throat was healed but the outer wasn't.

I put my hands over it and quickly healed the skin.

I heard her pulse grow stronger.

I smile and wiped the sweat off my forehead.

I then moved on to heal Ariana's bite wound after Atlanta spit out the last of the venom.

Lastly I healed up zayn and Niall.

I stepped back and watched as did everyone else.

Me-They should be waking up soon.

As if on cue they all started moving.

Zayn-What hey I'm healed!

They all got up and hugged me.


I smiled and brought everyone to Darcy's room.

Ariana-Look at her!

Katie-She's so cute!


Atlanta-She looks you.

Everyone gave me a big hug.

Everyone one or to hold her as well.

This is it.

No more drama.

Just me harry Darcy and our friends.






this is not the last chapter guys u still have one more!!!!!!!!

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