Bloody Hearts (A Sequel to Bloody Love)

Welcome to the sequel to BLOODY LOVE!!!!!!

Now after Harry died Cassie became secluded.

She never talks to anyone.

She even thinks about suicide.

But what happens when she has to fight to get her love back?

Find Out in Bloody Hearts!


17. It All Ends Here part 1

It all ends here Part 1

Vampire harry has been locked up tight sense yesterday morning.

After that drama with him I slept for the rest of the day.

It is now the day of the battle.

Everyone was in the living room getting ready when I came down stairs.

Katie-Morning Sunshine!

All-Morning cassie!

I smiled sleepily and mumbled back a good morning before making my way to the kitchen.

As I sat down a cup of blood was put in front of me.

I looked up and smiled at Liam.

Liam-I figured you were hungry so I went ahead and made you a cup.

Me-Thank you Liam.

I gave him and hug then started drinking.

When I was done Liam washed my cup and put it away.

Liam-So today's the day.

Me-Yeah, I need you guys all to be careful, I'm not going to be there to heal you guys with something bad happens so in-till you guys get home I can't help you.

Liam-I know cassie and trust me we will.

I downed the rest of the blood making Liam chuckle at me.

Liam-Well I'm going to practice a little more before the fight.

Me-Ok bye.

He waved and left leaving me to clean up my mess.

I was washing my glass when a wolf howl made me drop the glass and shatter it.

???-So your the sexy cassie.

I turned my head and saw a guy I didn't even know but I could tell he was part of Derek's pack.

I looked at him confused making him chuckle.

???-Oh forgive me, I am Zachary but you could call me zach.

Me-Well zach nice meeting you now bye.

Zach-Aww don't be like that ba....

Me-Do not call me babe I am not yours and never will be!

He pinned me against the wall.

Zach-Things can change.


Zach smirked and put his hand over my mouth.

But in came all the others in a flash.


Zach growled and took off but not before saying.

Zach-I can't wait to rip your heads off your shoulders ,see you tonight.

I was shaking none stop.

Katie-Come here cassie.

She pulled me into a hug and let me cry in her shoulder while Atlanta, Michelle, and Ariana rubbed my back.

Katie-Shh breath, breath remember the baby.

I took deep breaths and tried to calm my self.

Katie-Come on you need to sit.

We went into the living room and sat down.

Me-He is one of the new members of Derek's pack.

Niall-We know, we met him when they attacked us.

I was still shaking but I was a lot calmer.

For the rest of the day we sat and watched movies enjoying the time we had.

Then it got dark and howls can be heard from a distance.

Louis-It's time.

I got up and hugged all of them.

Finally I got to Niall and I gave him a big hug while staring to tear up.

Me-Please promise me you guys will be careful.

He gave me a sad smile and a kiss on the cheek.

Niall-I promise hug buddy.

I smiled a small smile and watch as everyone took off into the full moon night.

I sighed and started cleaning up the glass.

Suddenly there was a super bad pain in my stomach.

Then clear liquid fell to the floor.

Me-Omfg my water just broke.

(Good Harry's POV)

I was in so much stress as I was preparing for the epic battle of my own.

I have to get control again.

For cassie.

We were just about to start when we heard cassie.

Cassie-My water broke.

I didn't even think twice I picked the lock on my door and ran to her.


She was on the floor grunting in pain.

My eyes widened and as fast as a bullet I picked cassie up and brought her to my bedroom.

I laid her on to my bed as she screamed again.


I was about to comfort her when vampire harry started the fight.

I fell to the ground as he started wailing on me.

All I could think of was cassie.


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