Bloody Hearts (A Sequel to Bloody Love)

Welcome to the sequel to BLOODY LOVE!!!!!!

Now after Harry died Cassie became secluded.

She never talks to anyone.

She even thinks about suicide.

But what happens when she has to fight to get her love back?

Find Out in Bloody Hearts!


7. Half and Half


(Cassie POV)


I was in a medow crying over harry.

H-Hey angel.

I looked up and there he was.


My harry.

My heart and soul.

I stood up and jumped into his arms kissing him.

Me-How can you talk to me?

H-I can through your dreams , Im getting stronger and maybe I can fight him.

Me-I miss you baby.

H-I miss you too.

I rested my head on his shoulder as he swayed us back and forth.

H-You know what I have been thinking about?


H-*Chuckles* Our wedding , and you being mine forever.

Me-Oh Haz it will be beautiful.

H-I can't wait.

Me-Me either.

H-"Leans closer* I love you see you soon.

Me-Love you too bye baby.


I woke up on a soft bed.

I let a few tears fall but tried to dry it up.

I looked around and saw I was in harry's bedroom.

UGG he was supposed to wake me up when we got home.

VH-Morning babe.

I jumped and turned around to see vampire harry in nothing but a towel.

Me-God put some damn clothes on , and what happened to "oh I will wake you when we are home".

VH-Well you looked so peaceful when your sleeping so I just did you a favor and let you sleep and nah I like being naked.

He smirked at me.

I shook my head , thats something both harry's had in common they love being naked.

Me-Wait if its morning then UGGG please tell me you slept on the couch or something.

He smirked again.

VH-Sorry nope, your skin is really soft you know.

I rolled my eyes and noticed I was changed into pj's.


VH*Laughes* Well you looked uncomfortable so yes and you are really fit.

I growled and got up and made the bed , force of habbit of mine.

Vampire Harry came back out in a nice white T , Blazer that when over it , and skinny's with white converse.

Me-Well at least you can pull off the harry look.

He huffed and rolled his eyes.


I handed him green contaxcts harry used in emergency's.

VH-Don't need them , I have an idea you will see later.

I sighed and grabbed my clothes making my way to the bathroom.

After I got dressed I made my way to harry.

Me-Well time to tell everyone.


Me-Oh stop complaining they are your best friends you know.

He rolled his eyes.

I grabbed his hand and led him out.

He looked at my hand in his and looked actually happy a little.

Everyone was in the living room chatting intill we stepped into the room.

Liam-WTF whats wrong with haryy!

Me-Ok ok calm down guys see this is not harry its his inner vampire , harry is somewhere locked away with in Vampire harry's mind.

I started to tear up again.

Michelle-Wait is that a ring?

I looked down and smiled a little.

Me-Yes harry was able to have a little control for a few minutes and he proposed to me.

I started crying harder now.

Niall-Oh cassie come here some one needs her hug buddy.

I walked over to him and he pulled me into a much needed hug.

Soon everyone joined in.

Niall-Well look on the bright side you will see him again.

I heard vampire harry scoff.

Zayn-Don't worry cassie you still have us ok.

Me-Yeah , I love you guys.


They all hugged me nearly killing me but it made me feel way better.

VH-OMFG can we like go now please all this love is killing me.

Well SOMEONE just ruined the god damn moment.

We all sighed and got into the limo.

It was really awkward all the way there.

As we got out vampire harry kept his glasses on so noone would notice his red eyes.

All the fans were screaming and begging for autographs.

We finally got to the dressing rooms and sighed.

Me-Ok so what amazayn idea do you have?

He smirked then closed his eyes.

I looked at him confused in-till he opened his eyes again.

They were green.

H-Hello my gorgeous fianc'e

Me-*Eyes widened* HARRY!!!!!!!

I gave him a big hug, everyone else were standing there in shock.

Me-He let you take control?

H-*Chuckles* Yeah its funny actually he said to me "Here you can take care of those crazy girls I ain't singing" It was funny.

All the boys got up and gave harry a hug.

Zayn-Its good to have you back bro.


Liam-Nice to have you back even if its for a little.

Niall-Missed ya bro.

Even the girls gave him a hug.

Harry-Ok guys lets get out there and make this show awesome!

They all left while me and the girls chatted in the dressing room.

All of a sudden I heard harry start talking about me.

H-Ok guys I have a very awesome announcement to make...... me and cassie are getting married!

The whole crowd screamed.

H-Cassie angel come out here please.

The girls looked at me and smiled.

I started to laugh and walked out to the stage.

As I walked out everyone cheered even louder , their was a few boos but who cares about those haters.

H-See look ot the ring I gave her.

He lifted up my hand and showed everyone.

Then he gave me a passionate kiss.

All the crowd screamed and the boys clapped.

After we pulled away he smiled.

H-Ok bye my beautiful angel!

I waved bye to him and the crowd before walking off smiling like crazy.

After the show we all went home and hung out.

Me and harry snuggled up in each others arms savoring the moment,

Liam , and atlanta were doing the same.

We were whatching  zayn and louis and katie play video games.

Niall and michelle were eating a bag of potato chips watching from the kitchen.

H-Baby lets got to my room.

I nodded and got up with him.

As we got in harry fell to the ground in pain.


He groaned but when he finally got back up his eyes were weird.

One eye was green and the other was red.




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