Bloody Hearts (A Sequel to Bloody Love)

Welcome to the sequel to BLOODY LOVE!!!!!!

Now after Harry died Cassie became secluded.

She never talks to anyone.

She even thinks about suicide.

But what happens when she has to fight to get her love back?

Find Out in Bloody Hearts!


9. Ed/Fun

???-Psst cassie , cassie love wake up.
My eyes fluttered open and met zayn's brown eyes.
Me-Zayn? What do you need?
Zayn-Shh ok two things, first how did Harry get in here?
Me-He came in through the window said he couldn't sleep.
He rolled his eyes.
Zayn-Ok then come with me there is someone here to help fight the wanted and Derek's pack.
I nodded and slipped out of Harry's grip before pulling ony slippers and a robe.
Zayn offered his hand which I grabbed and lead me down stairs.
As soon as we got down my jaw dropped.
It's was.......
...Ed Sheeran!
I smiled and brought out my hand.
Me-It's an honor to meet you Edward.....
Ed-Please just call me Ed, and it's nice to finally meet my best friends fiancé.
He kissed my hand and smiled up at me.
I returned the smile then sat down.
Me-So what's the plan?
Liam centered himself in the middle of the room and spoke up.
Liam-Well sense harry is in the middle of a battle of his own , Ed here is going to take over Harry's spot in the fight.
We all nodded.
Liam-Perfect! Now remember there are werewolves , everyone here knows how to fight them except cassie , you will have to be trained.
I nodded and started to yawn.
Zayn then stood up like liam.
Zayn-After now the plan for the fight is simple , we will all use our powers , cassie for healing, Katie using their fears against them, Atlanta using her   telekinesis , and we will use our powers.
Atlanta-What's Ed's power?
Ed-I control the elements.
Atlanta/Katie/me- Wow
He smiled and nodded.
Me-What time is it?
Louis-12:00 am.
Me-12:00 am! Can we please go back to bed now?!
The girls sat next to me and nodded with me as we all gave our best pout.
All the guys smiled.
Liam-Of course , we will start your training later today , Ed you can go to the guest room.
Ed-Ok , night everyone.
I walked up stairs and back into my room. Only to find harry wide awake and smiling at me.
H-hey , so you got to meet Ed huh? *chuckles*
Me-*smiles and slips under the covers* Yeah how are you two doing?
H-It's actually just me , vampire me is sleeping so I am full.
I smiled and gazed into his sparkling green eyes. Without a thought our lips smashed together. He bit my bottom lip making me moan. The moment was all too well , soon our clothes were off and on the ground. 
He smiled and pulled away.
Harry-Are you sure?
I nodded.
(2 hours later)
We had finally pulled away panting like animals.
He had fell asleep and I was on my way there when I remembered something.
We didn't use protection.


Ok guys to sum this up for ya , see cassie still has a little human left in her so she can still get pregnant. Muhaha hoped you liked it , oh and Ed sheeran is in!!!!! YAY! Remember comment , heart , and like.

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