Bloody Hearts (A Sequel to Bloody Love)

Welcome to the sequel to BLOODY LOVE!!!!!!

Now after Harry died Cassie became secluded.

She never talks to anyone.

She even thinks about suicide.

But what happens when she has to fight to get her love back?

Find Out in Bloody Hearts!


14. Baby Shopping

I waited for the bite but instead I was snatched away.

The wind slammed into my face making me immediately open my eyes.

I was in vampire harry's arms, he carried me bridal style as he ran in vampire speed.

I looked over and saw crystal gaining on us.

Me-Harry she's gaining on us.

I started tearing up and rubbing my stomach trying to comfort Darcy.

Vh-Shh it's ok, don't worry cassie.

He stopped dead in his tracks and put me down on the floor before turning around and charging back at crystal.

His red eyes were glowing and his fangs were fully out dripping with saliva.

Next thing he did shocked me.

He jumped up and over crystal grabbing her head in mid air and twisting is all the way around till I heard a sickening crack.

She then went limp in vampire harry's arms.

He growled in triumph, then sunk his fangs into her neck.

He gulped down her blood like it was water till she was completely dry.

He pulled back panting like crazy, fangs covered in crystals blood, and falling onto his knees.


I ran over to him and sat down next to him.

Vh-Need more blood!

Was all he kept saying.

I rolled up my sleeve and offered my wrist.

Vh-Are you sure?

I nodded.

Without hesitation he grabbed my wrist and bit in.

(Vampires can feed off other vampires.)

He took at least two gulps before pulling away.

Me-Thank you for saving me.

He chuckled and weakly looked at me.

Vh-Well you were a damsel in need of saving, and well your to beautiful to die.

I blushed at his comment making him chuckle once more.

Vh-I am too weak to stay in control, I need some rest to regain my energy so I bid you a good bye for now.

I nodded and watched as he closed his eyes.

I started healing to bite wound on my arm till I heard him.

Nh-Hey their gorgeous what's your name?

I looked up and saw green eyes staring back at me. 

I smiled big and pulled him into a long kiss.

He chuckled into the kiss and slipped his tongue in.

Nh-Well someone has missed me.

I didn't pull back but talked to him through my mind.

Me-Yes I have and so has Darcy.

He smiled into the kiss and started rubbing my stomach.


She turned her head a little hid her face with her hand.

We both pulled back and laughed at her.

Arian-So sorry for running in on you two.

Me-Your good, Ariana I would like you to meet my fiancé Harry, Harry this is Ariana.

Nh-Pleasure to meet you Ariana.

He pulled her into a friendly hug then let her go.

Ariana chuckled.

Ariana-You too harry, it looks like y'all kicked some werewolf ass.

She nodded at crystal's body.

Nh-That was all vampire harry.

I nodded and helped harry up onto his feet.

Everyone else soon came up as well and immediately saw the body.

Liam-Damn it harry, you got blood all over the damn floor that we just cleaned!

Nh-Well hi to you too Liam.

Liam looked at Harry's eyes and smiled, pulling him into a brotherly hug same as everyone else.

Harry just laughed and hugged back everyone.

Ed-Bro do you think this time you can stay a little longer?

Harry chuckled.

Nh-I'll try the best I can.

I smiled and watched as everyone pulled away.

Nh-Ok guys me and cassie are going baby shopping tomorrow if that's ok?

Louis-Sure we will stay here and plan the baby shower!


I laughed at their eager faces.

Me-Ok the baby shower is this weekend by the way.

Michelle-Then me atlanta, katie,  and ariana are going shopping soon!

Katie-Hell Yeah!

I felt two arms wrap around me picking me up.

I saw chocolate curls and knew it was Harry.

I giggled.

Me-Harry put me down!

Nh-If you'd excuse us, this little missy needs sleep.

I sighed smiling.

Me-Night guys.


Harry laid me down and covered me up before getting in himself and wrapping his arms around me.

Nh-I love you babe, and I love you also Darcy.

He kissed my stomach making me giggle.

Me-We love you too harry.

He smiled and cuddled me closer before humming the tune of irresistible.

He played with my hair in till I finally fell asleep. 

(Next morning)

Harry-Wakey Wakey baby.

I opened my eyes and saw a whole glass of blood warmed to perfection and harry standing their smiling.

Me-Aww you did this for me?

Nh-Of course, you are the love of my life and the mother to my child.

I smiled and started drinking the blood.

Once I finished I got up and hugged harry.

Me-Thanks babe.

Harry-Your welcome cupcake, now go get dressed we are going to go when your done.

I nodded and skipped to the closet.

I pulled out a maternity shirt and stretch jeans.

My stomach was pretty big now.

After I slipped on my clothes I looked in the mirror.

Nh-Still beautiful no matter what.

Harry was suddenly next to me, making me jump.

Me-You sneaky jerk.

He chuckled and wrapped his hands around my waist, giving me a hug from behind.

Nh-I love you cassie.

I smiled before turning around and giving him a long passionate kiss.

He smiled into the kiss with me.

We pulled away after a little but kept our foreheads pressed against each other.

Me-I love you too harry.

He smiled and gentle peaked my lips.

Nh-Come on babe, Louis told me if we don't leave soon he will come up here and force us.

I laughed and started walking.

Harry came up next to me and picked me up.

Me-Harry let me down now!

Nh-Not a chance babe.

We sped to the car faster than light before he finally let me down.

I stuck my tongue out at him and got into the car.

He just smirked and walked to the driver side and got in.

Me-Your really stubborn.

Nh-I know but you still love me.

I smiled and sat back as we pulled out of the drive way and drove off.

I was starting to dose off when I felt my hand being intwined with his.

I didn't open my eyes but smiled.

Another 2 minutes passed and the car stopped.

Nh-Cassie darling were here.

I opened my eyes and yawned.


I started climbing out of the car and harry was by my side the whole time helping me out.

Nh-You got it baby?

Me-Yes babe, I'm fine.

We walked into the mall and started looking around.

Me-Let's go to babies-r-us.

He smiled and grabbed my hand.

Nh-Anything you want baby.

We walked in and started looking around hand in hand.

Harry was eyeing every little thing in the store with complete excitement.


Me-*Giggles* Yup.

We went to the bottles pacifiers first.

I looked closely at the bottles while Harry picked out the pacifiers.

I bought two small bottles and two larger ones in the colors purple and pink.

Me-Babe what do you think?

Harry looked at them and grinned.

Nh-Perfect for our little angel.

After that we went to clothes.

 Nh-What size would we need for Darcy sense she is growing bigger and bigger.

I thought for a little then smiled.

Me-We just buy different sizes for her to wear as she gets bigger and bigger.

He nodded and started looking around.

I was looking a pajamas for her when she came back over with a shirt that said daddy's little angel.

Nh-We are defiantly getting that.

I laughed.

Me-Fine but she's going to be a mommy's girl.

He chuckled and started helping me with pajamas.

One of the employes who was folding clothes smiled at us and walked over.

Lady-You too are the cutest I have seen, if you don't mind me asking how far are you?

I didn't know whether to say the truth or not but thankfully harry answered for me.

Nh-She is 8 months now.

Lady-How sweet, boy or girl?

Me-Oh it's a girl.

Lady-Aww well I will leave y'all alone congrats.


We bought 0-3 months all the way up to toddlers and small kids clothes.

Finally we bought the crib.

Once we checked out we went home.

Nh-Babe how about we make your room into the baby room.

Me-Yeah sense I sleep with you anyways.

He nodded and held my hand.

Nh-You know I've missed spending time with you.

I smiled and rubbed my thumb on his hand.

Me-I've missed you too.

We soonest pulled into the drive way and started un loading.

Nh-Oh no, you don't, everyone is out shopping today so you go take a nap.

I nodded to tired to protest and laid down on the couch.

In seconds I was out like a light.

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