Mina was a regular girl until she tried out for the X-Factor and met .....


2. Hall of Fame

I stood behind the stage watching the performer that was performing before me. I was really nervous because Simon was being really harsh to this girl , i mean seriously he said she sounded horrible it makes me wonder what the judges would say to me especially Simon. The performer before me was done and didnt make it so it was my turn. "hi whats your name sweetie?"Demi said to me and then i said "mina,mina day.""What will you be singing for us today mina?"said Simon. "Im going to sing Hall of Fame." 8 "yeah, you could be the greatest you could be the best,you could becthe king kong banging on its chest." ~~~~end of song~~~~~~~ "well i liked it and i thinl you have cofidence,so i say yes ." said demi "i think the exact thing so im going with a yes." said l.a.then brittny said "yes , i think you have the x-factor. Then it was simon "you dont have the x factor but you were good so yes."omg i was thinking in my head then i said thank you and walked off the stage ready for bootcamp.
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