Mina was a regular girl until she tried out for the X-Factor and met .....


1. Nervous

It was today. The day i was auditioning for the x-factor in Denver Colorado . My stomach was in complete nots. My throat was throbbing and i was sweating up a storm. I was auditioning because i wanted to skng for the rest of my life and i was inspired by one direction . My idols , they keep me going . My thoughts were interupted by my brother Riley.
"I dont even get why your doing this , you dont have the ability to win . Your too shy and stuff." He said as i watched him roll his eyes.
"Whatever , You didn`t have to come" I shot him a dirty look and continued humming to myself.
A million things were buzzing in my head. My mom rubbed my back and said "you`ll do amazing Mina, I really think you will." I gavea sly smile and watched us pull into the parking
Lot of the place. My mum , brother , and I waltzed into the line full of singers. "This was gonna be a while." I sighed to my self.
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