My Old New Best Friend

If you promise to NEVER forget your bestfriend and you forget what does he do....REad to Find out.


1. The New Kid

Niall's P.O.V

-FlashBack (Age 10)-

"Cami Have you ever kissed someone??"I asked Happily. We were laying in my backyard looking at the stars." No.." She said still looking at the stars. We met when the were born,We were bestfriends but i wanted to be more than bestfriends. I always had feelings for Cami. But if I asked her out, Im afaid she won't have the same feelings and i don't want to ruin our friendship...

-Cami's P.O.V-

I loved Niall But I didn't know if he liked me back. so... I acted like i didn't care..

Niall P.O.V

I looked at her. She looks at the night stars." Isn't it so beautiful??"She asked me.She looked at me...Wewere I inch away. I leaned, She just was like frozen.When our lips met. She backed away. "OH MY GOSH, I'M SO SORRY!!!"I yelled hugging her." Maybe I should go home???"She said standing up." Bye Nialler"She hugged me and i gave her a kiss on the cheeck. She blushed"I love you as a friend!!"She said leaving.

-Time past(Age 16)sill in flashback-

" So I guess this is the end"Cami said crying."NO IT'S NOT THE END.Let's just say See you later" I said while hugging her. I leaned, She leaned, then our lips meet. I saw Firworks." I Love you as a friend" She said wipeing her teries." Promise me you'll NEVER EVER forget about me" I said holding out my pinky." I promise" she said.I pinkyed promised her. We hugged. I left to the X-Fator.

-End of FlashBack-

I woke got ready for the first day of school. Brushed my theeth thinking about Cami. I got dressed. Brudhed my hair. I ate alot it helps me not thinking about Cami.

-Cami P.O.V-

I got ready for school. I got in the shower after the shower. I got my outfit, It was a mustacke button up shirt and black shorts and  black toms with one direction on the heel. I got out and ate an apple.I grabed my purse and Iphone 5 with a one direction case. My fav was Niall he reminded me of my old best friend but i forgot his name though. I got in my car drove to school listen to One Direction I would. I got out of my school. I was walking then something taped my sholder.." OMG YOUR......


*A/N  Hey Gals and Guys. I love you guys for reading.. OMG TODAY IS ONE THING'S BIRTHDAY!!!Anyway.. Who do you think it is???? Luff you Btw Thanks for reading you Swagtasic!!!! LUFF YOU!!!!



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