Teenage Years

Rose may be normal at school. But at school and around her friends she is a different person. After her mother died in a Car accident when she was 10, Rose has been trying very hard to deal with her abusive step-father and step-brother. When Rose runs away from home, she knocks on a total strangers door. Harry Styles opens the door for her and her new life after he lets her stay with her. Will she find love with Harry? Will she make it in her new life? Read on to find out more (:


2. New house.

Layla POV

When the chinese food came, me and Harry were eating it like there was no tomorrow. I haven't had a meal like this since mom died. The week that mom died was really just a blur. I don't really remember doing anything except laying in bed and crying my eyes out. Toby and David (my step dad) started abusing me because I was the only woman in the house. When the would do that I would call my best friend Jade. Because Jade lost her phone and we don't have school until February because I have to stay home because of my moms death, and I am at Harry's, I don't think I can really talk to her a lot. I started getting used to Harry more and more. He told me about his favorite song "Isn't she Lovely" and I told him about my favorite song "No One." they were all beautiful songs and all we were singing were those 2 songs as we were watching TV. We watched "Two and a Half Men" and "The Hunger Games." I asked Harry how long has he been living alone. "3 days." He said chowing down on orange chicken. "Thats not long. I've been living with 2 people who abuse me everyday" I said softly. I noticed that there was a tear slipping down Harry's cheek. "Why are you crying about me?" I said wiping his tear. "Its sad. I can't imagine having people physical,mental,or sexual." He said holding more tears. That made me cry. "Its okay Harry Im in a good place now!" I said turning off the movie and holding his cheeks in my palms. They were cold and I could tell. It was the middle of December and it was freaking cold outside. "Are you cold?" Harry laughed. "Maybe a little.." I said. I just noticed I had 2 blankets around me with a pull over hood. Why was I wearing shorts again? "Okay Ill go make some hot cocoa and you go put on some sweat pants!" He said rubbing my hair. I laughed and went upstairs and looked through my bags for some sweats. I threw on some Aero pants and a The North Face hood. I went downstairs in some booties and hopped to the kitchen where Harry was putting some home made hot cocoa on the stove. "Wow you look great!" He said as he poured the cocoa in the cups. I could tell he was looking at me in the corner of his eye. And I don't blame him! Hehehe(:

Harry POV

Rose was gorgeous! The way her sand colored hair felt slowly on her shoulders. The way her blue eyes shimmered in the sky light that came from my window. I felt I was doing her a huge favor by doing this after what she went through. I can imagine that happening to her. I just don't want to. As I poured the cocoa in her cup I can see her eyes on me. I loved it. She went to go clean up the living room from dinner. "Im done cleaning the living room!" She yelled as she was coming in. "Here let me take them" I said holding out my hands. "No!" She said pushing herself away. "Im a guest its the least I could do!" She spoke. "Fine! Then you do them tomorrow to!" I said. "Fine!" She said laughing as she scrubbed the crumbs off the plates and bowls. She washed them cute too. Everything she did was cute. I know I have to wait until I kiss her but I really wanted too. Around 10 minutes later me and her were done. It was already 10:30. Time goes by fast. We didn't even drink it! So we went upstairs to my room. My room was the only one with a TV and the living room wasn't comfy enough. "Wanna have a mini sleepover?" She said laughing. "Whats that?" I said confused. 

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