Teenage Years

Rose may be normal at school. But at school and around her friends she is a different person. After her mother died in a Car accident when she was 10, Rose has been trying very hard to deal with her abusive step-father and step-brother. When Rose runs away from home, she knocks on a total strangers door. Harry Styles opens the door for her and her new life after he lets her stay with her. Will she find love with Harry? Will she make it in her new life? Read on to find out more (:


1. LIfe after my mother.

Rose POV

"ROSE!! COME HERE!" Toby my step brother spoke. I didn't want to make him mad because I knew what was going to come. "Yes?" I spoke shivering. Chills were going down my spine as I reached the couch where he was sitting at. "LAY DOWN!" He yelled pushing me on the couch. I did as I was told and started un-buttoning my shirt and shorts. Then there was a phone call. Thank god. "GO UPSTAIRS AND WAIT FOR ME AND DAD." Toby yelled. "Okay." I said running up the stairs. Thats it. I've had enough. I looked in the basement and seen a back door. We just moved here and I was smart not to un pack anything. I grabbed my purse,backpack,and my extra large suitcase and I was off. I started running as fast as I could go. I guess my brother or should I say abuser heard me because he was yelling for me. I heard him as those cold hearted words came out of his mouth. "DONT WORRY ROSE! ILL FIND YOU! AND ILL KILL YOU!!" I stopped. I didn't want to go back. I ran to the nearest house 7 blocks away from my quiet neighborhood and yelled "Help me please!!" I heard footsteps on some stairs as someone was running towards the door. When they opened the door they told me to come in. I didn't even pay attention to how the looked because my bangs were covering my eyes. "What happened???" they asked. I could tell it was a boy because of its voice. "My step-brother is trying to kill me!!" I screamed sitting on the floor. "Oh my god. Should I call the police?" The boy spoke again. "Yes please." I said. I removed the bags from my eyes and looked at the boy. He was a curly haired green eyed boy. Very cute. He had no shirt on and some sweat pants on. He looked way better than me. I was wearing a button down shirt and some long shorts up to my knee. My hair was messed up. Half of it was out. It was supposed to be in a pony tail. "Do you know how he looked?" The curly haired boy asked me. "Yes." As I told him I could notice that the curly haired boy was staring in my eyes. I didn't even know his name yet. Wow. "Their coming." Curly haired boy said. "Thank you so much though!" I said giving him a small hug. "Its fine. May I ask what your name is?" Curly haired boy said. "My name is Rose. You can call me Rosie or Ro." I said. "Cool. My name is Harry. You can call me Hazza like my friends do." I thought about his name. Harry. Such a wonderful name for a boy like that. "So Rose do you want to stay here for a bit?" He asked me. "Oh no I couldn't!!" I said. I thought I would go to like a hotel or my aunts house. Not to stay with Harry. "C'mon! My sister is gone and my mom is on a vacation!" Harry said with a pouty face. "Fine I'll stay." I said laughing at Harry's pouty face. I usually fall for the puppy dog eyes. Its really bad. "Okay!!" Harry said taking some of my stuff and running upstairs. I only had to carry my backpack. When he put his stuff on the bed I was shocked. "This is a really big room!!" I said surprised. My room back at home only could fit my bed and a dresser. So I was happy that I get extra space. There was also a walk in closet,a bathroom,and a window with a balcony. "Yeah it was Gemma's room before." He said. "Gemma?" I said confused. Who was she? An ex girlfriend? "Oh yeah she is my sister. She's in college now." He spoke sitting on the bed. He patted the spot next to him so I can sit. I refused. "Come on Rose! Its the least I can do after all you have been through." I insisted. I slowly walked over to the bed and sat next to Harry. I stared at my suitcase for about 2 minutes until Harry shock me. "Hungry?" He said. I actually was hungry. But I didn't want Harry to go through trouble with me. Im a guest. Not a room mate. "Maybe a little." I said. "Great Ill order something while you stay there!" He said pointing to where I was sitting. Maybe me and Harry were going to have a great friendship after all. 

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