The One

Camila and Emily are so happy.They get to meet one direction but who will they put to love...Read to find out!!!:)


2. Truth Or Dare???

Harry's P.O.V

I saw the most preetiest girls in frout of me when i opened the door. One of the girls which was wearing leggings and a botton up shirt which was what i was wearing but not the leggings but it was very akward she looked down then looked at me and said" TWINS"while hugging me it was weird but i hugged her back. Then she let go and ask" Do you know where there's some hotels?" I said " Umm Why don't you guys come in and tell what happen???" I did that so i can chill with the girl's. They walked in i asked" So.. Um what's your name???" She started say " Well I'm Camila but you call me... Louis yelled" Hello Ladias ,Do you gals like Carrots??" The other girl with the short, pink, dress said" I love Carrots!!!!!!!!!!!!" I turned back at the girl the the same shirt as me she said " Well um I'm Camila but you can call me Cece and Umm That's my Twin sister Emily but you can call her Em" I smiled I said" What beautiful names for wonderful girls" She blushed and smiled at the ground. " So umm what did you want to tell me Cece???'" I asked happily. "Well Me and Em are going to your concert tomorrow and umm I sort of forgot to get us a hotel so.. um do you guys know a hotel close by so we walk there" She said sadly. " You guys can stay with us!!!!!" I said almost yelling. The boys looked at me like I was Crazy but i didn't care I only wanted Cece for me no one else. She sat down right next Niall. Cece Said" Your funny but where's the hotel?" I said" Your staying with us" I looked at me smiling" Okay Master" I laughed. "

Niall's P.O.V

When Cece sat next to me. I was SO Happy I don't know why but I think I was falling for her but I don't really know her and I can tell her had Feelings for Cece. And since She was staying with us.. I thought for the best thing ever...Then It hit me TRUTH OR DARE. I said " Do you guys want to play Truth or Dare???" Everyone said okay so we sat in a circle on the floor. Cece sat next to Me and Harry. Liam got a bottle and we started Louis spined the bottle it landed on Emily. Louis ask Emily If she had a Boyfriend she said No... I can tell that Louis had feelings for Emily. Harry spined the bottle It landed on Cece. He asked her " If  I asked you on a date what would you say...?? She anwered Umm Maybe... She smiled.I was Jelous I don't know why thought because she's not my girlfriend anyway. Zayn spined the bottle It landed on me. He asked me to kiss someone in the room... I looked though the room and Cece was waiting to finsh my dare then i just kiss her cheeck she giggle. Harry was mad i could tell.. But then Zayn  said Umm Okay but the dare was not kissing someone in the cheeck.. He winks at me. I turn around and start to lean in she just stays there frozen. But when our lips met she pulled away. She looks at Harry full of anger. Harry walks away grabing Cece's Wrist....

*A/N Hey Gals and Guys Well umm here's chapter 2 hoped you like it.. OMG IT'S ZAYN'S B-DAY!!!!!Anyway... Who you think Cece's going to date???  I'll update tomorrow. Luff You!!!!!!!!!! Btw  Thanks for Reading it means alot once again Luff you!!!! 



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