The One

Camila and Emily are so happy.They get to meet one direction but who will they put to love...Read to find out!!!:)


3. The secret

Cece's P.O.V

Harry grabed my wrist and took me to his room right after Niall kissed me. I had alot of quetions to ask him. But I was so scared of him, I didn't know what to do...Harry sat me down on his bed."Do you like Niall??" Harry said sadly.I didn't say anything."Please Tell me"I had a fake sad smile on he face."Well um My favorite's are you and Niall"I said wispered softly."Harry Can I ask you somethig??"I asked him.He turn and looked at my eyes."Sure.."Is everything he said." I love umm... Never Mind" I walked out of the room slowly. But harry grabed my hand and kissed me.I let him kiss me..I don't know why.I'm a slut I kissed Harry and Niall. I ran away crying. Harry right on my tail. I grabed my bags and Emily's too. I grabed Emily's Hand and we were out the door. But Niall came to hug me and said" Please don't go love." That made my cry even more. I just dropped the bags and ran sown the street with Niall chaseing me and I'm not the fasted runner so.. Niall got me threw me over his sholder. I cryed and yelled " GET ME DOWN I WANT TO LEAVE!!!!" Niall said sweetely" Nope"I cryed while he cared me to the apartment. He let me down right next to Louis and Liam. They hugged me and asked" What Happend?I didn't say anything. I stold up but Niall grabed my hand and asked" What happend with you and harry? I didn't say anything. He took me to his room and asked" Camila you can tell me anything Trust me" I said" Umm well when you kissed me,harry umm. I started to cry again. I hugged me and rubbed my back. I stopped and continde harry asked if woo like me. I said my favorite's are harry and niall. I was bout to leave when harry ummm. I started to cry ALOT." What did Harry do??"Niall asked madly." He kissed me.....i started to cry my eyes out but niall was there to comfort me. Niall ran out of the room to Harry's room.....




*A/N Hey Gals and Guys.. Well umm hoped you liked it i will update later..TODAY IS THE DAY THEY MADE ONE THING!!!!!!!!!!!! Luff you btw... Thamkls


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