The One

Camila and Emily are so happy.They get to meet one direction but who will they put to love...Read to find out!!!:)


1. Summer Vaction

Camila's P.O.V

"Ring Ring" went the last bell. Fineally Summer Vaction, I couldn't wait till tomorrow. Emily just came up to me and hugged me like crazy.Me and Emily were twins and looked the same like same hair( Long brown and blone highlights), same eye color(Greenish Hazely), and etc. But even though were twins were so different like Emily is such a girly girl and Me, I'm a tom boy. Emily wears High heels, I wear Toms with One Direction on the heels. Emily wants everything pink, I like everything cute and comfty. She ALWAYS wears dresses and wear leggings,sweats. The only thing we have in comin is LOVING One Direction, but she her fav is Louis and My fav are Harry and Niall. And I can't wait to go to their concert tomorrow. When Emily came to hug me, It was weird." Sorry I'm so Happy!!!!"Emily Yelled in my ear. I rubbed my ear" Yea I know you are you told me like hundred times today"I said happily.She grabed my wrist and took my to our car"Let's go home" Emily said SUPER HAPPY.I got in the driver's seat, Emily was already  in the car smiling like crazy." Are you okay??" I asked Laughing. " NO I CAN'T WAIT. I'M ABOUT TO DIE" I yelled. I laughed. When we got home. Emily took off runing to the door yelling " SUPERMAN". She reminded me of Louis, They would make a cute,weird couple. I took off my seatbelt off and walked to the door. Emily has a fake piegon called Keven. She had one because of Louis.Anyway I could tell she was tired because she was sleeping on the couch with Keven. My phone beeping it was a reminder of GETTING ON THE PLANE RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!! Good thing we already packed.. I starting yelling in Emily ear and she hit me in the face. I laughed while rubbing my nose. "Em we have to go to the airport right now" I grabed my bags and put them in the car. Emily already was in the car with all her bags in the trunk. I locked the doors and ran to the car. When we got there we got everything out and got on the plane... *Time Past* We were In England I forgot to get us a hotel and our phones didn't get wifi.. So.. Me and Emily went to an apartment knocked on the door. I yelled "OMG YOUR.........





*A/N Hey Gals and Guys, Well I hoped you liked My VERY FIRST fanfiction Chapter 1 Umm so who do you think it is....?? Luff you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Btw Thanks for reading, I'll Update soon.:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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