Keep Dreaming

This is my first fanfic, so sorry if it stinks!


1. Arrival

I stepped out in the cool breeze and inhaled deeply. HONK HONK!!!!! Note to self: don't stand in the middle of the street inhaling air.

Finally, I am actually in London!

I quickly hailed a taxi and jumped in the back seat. "Where to, Miss," the taxi driver or Bob as his name tag, said. "Um, The Grande, please." I replied.

As soon as Bob started driving away, I whipped out my phone and rapidly started texting my brother, Jackson.

Skyler: I finally arrived! On the way to the hotel now!

Jackson: that's gr8! I've gotta get 2 class! Txt u l8er!

Skyler: Okay. I love you!

Jackson: luv u 2

I dropped my phone back into my bag.

"We're here," Bob announced. "Thank!" I squealed. "Ehem..." I looked over to see Bob with his hand held out. "Oh, right. How much do I owe you?" "$100 should do it." "What?!" I squeaked. He pointed to the Lids Meal I made him stop and get me at McDonalds. I threw him the money and got out.

I walked into the check in center. At the counter was a lady with a uniform two sizes too small and way to much make up. I'm pretty sure a rainbow puked in her face. "Um, excuse me?" She gave me a rude look at went back to her 'important' phone call. "I'll have to call you back, Stella. Some ugly hoe is at my desk. Kisses! Mwah mwah! Toodles!" She looked me up and down then gave me a dirty look. "What was so important that you needed right now?" "I'd like to check in." "Well duh! What kind of idiot what's in the check in center and says 'I wanna check in'? Oh yeah... You. Name?" Alrighty then. Good start! �� "Skyler Summers." "Flat B27. Leave." They really need to fire this lady before she scares everyone in her path. Oh, and where's the bigger uniform? "Can I have the key?" "God, how much do all these people expect me to do? Here." She handed out the key. "Finally," I muttered to myself and walked into the elevator.

B25, B26.... Ah! Here it is! B27.
I quickly unlocked the door and stepped inside.

Whoa.... This is...... Amazing. My parents really went all out. You see, my parents bought me this flat in London.... Before the accident.

Anyways, I better start unpacking.

After I finished unpacking, I decided to find a good place to play my guitar and sing for people to help me get my $100 back.

I was in the middle of singing Imagine by John Lennon when I saw him. Curly, curly hair, and the most mesmerizing green eyes I've ever seen.



"I'm going out." I yelled angrily and Louis and slammed the door.


"Harry," Louis said trying to comfort me, "it's alright she broke up with you. Everyone goes through it."
"That's easy for you to say!" I exclaimed angrily, "you've been dumped a billion times! You're Louis Tomlinson! Not Harry Styles! Harry Styles gets any girl he wants! He breaks up with them! They don't break up with him!" "What's that supposed to mean! 'I've gotten dumped a billion times.'" He said mimicking me. "You know what Harry. I'm done. Your always insulting me when I try to help a-" "Maybe I don't want your help Louis. Ever thought of that?" That's when I got up and left.

I decided to walk down to The Nook. The cozy little coffee shop.

I walked until I got there, then stopped. I heard the most angelic voice I've ever heard. I followed the singing until I saw the most beautiful girl I've ever seen.
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