Potter Twins

Meet Sapphire Potter... She made it to Gryffendore...fell for someone unexpected....caught a lightning bolt scar just like her brother...and worst of all,was destined to kill Voldemort herself. Come in and read the Harry Potter series with Sapphire in the mix!


1. Profile

Name:Sapphire Lily Potter 
Nicknames:Saph (Practically Everyone),Green Eyed Queen (The Weasley Twins),Emerald (Draco),Pott-Face (Pansy) 
Hair Color:Light Brown 
Eye Color:Emerald Green 
Relatives:Lily Potter (Deceased Mother) James Potter (Deceased Father) Harry Potter (Twin Brother) 
Personality:Kind,Caring,Protective,Brave,Strong,Brilliant,And Beautiful 
Wand:Same As Harry's 
Friends:Harry,Ron,Hermionie,Cedric,Blaise,Neville,Luna,Ginny,Fred,George,And Seamus 
Enemies:Draco,Pansy,Cho,And Voldemort (OFCOURSE) 
People Who Have Crushes On Her:Ron,Draco,Cedric,And Seamus
Biography:Hey,Saph here! So,of course,people call me and my brother 'the twins who lived'. Have to say,it gets REALLY annoying!!! And not as annoying as Malfoy's nickname for me! Anyway,I just found out I was a witch. And I discovered how my parents died and how I got my scar that's on my forehead. People say I'm gorgeous,but I hardly believe so. The Dursleys' call me worthless and ugly,which I was always say something mean and snarky back to them. Which is why I'm always outside. You see,they kick me outta the house whenever I'm mean or picking on Dudley. That's the reason I have a tan unlike my brother who's as pale as a bloody vampire. Anyway,Sapphire Lily Potter will forever be my name! (Draco:It'll soon be Sapphire Lily Malfoy...) CAN IT MALFOY!!! Byee!!! Talk to ya'll later! 
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