the son of my moms friend

jasmine and harry mums are friends and they meet up at the mall and harry's mum sends jasmine to get harry from the bakery .will they fall in love will they be friends will one get hurt read to find out . WARNING:SEXUAL PARTS IN THE STORY I WILL TELL U


2. i bet she has a boyfriend

HARRY'S(pov) ok so now i know she's a model. cool so my mom's friend dahuter is a model ,but i bet she has a boyfriend i mean for a girl like her she has to have one ,but you never know .i hope she does not have one . i just really hope.


ok so my mom said she wants to shopping. but all i want to do is talk to jasmine.but i have to go with my mom ,maybe before i leave i can ask for her phone number right .Ok so now my mom is asking jasmine's mom asking if she could come . please say yes.


ANNA HARRY'S MOM (POV) ok so i can see that harry does not want to go with me . it looks like if he likes jasmine .maybe i should ask if they would like to go shopping with me ?then i ask julie if she wants to come with me .Hey Julie do you want to go shopping with me ? jasmine can come if she wants .)


Julie agree's so does Jasmine. hehe the look on harry's face when she said she would come . how cute. i will tell ou one thing if Jasmine does not have a boyfriend . i will tell you that very soon he will ask her out. just wait and see. 


ok now we are shopping jasmine wanted to go to Forever 21 . Harry said he would go with jasmine to help her pick some stuff.the look on Jasmine's face lit up when he said he will go. well it looks like both of them like each other . hehe how cute 




YES.YES.YES .jasmine said she would come shopping . ok she siad he wanted to go to Forever 21 i don't mind i mean ya awsome 

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