the son of my moms friend

jasmine and harry mums are friends and they meet up at the mall and harry's mum sends jasmine to get harry from the bakery .will they fall in love will they be friends will one get hurt read to find out . WARNING:SEXUAL PARTS IN THE STORY I WILL TELL U


1. meeting the son of my mom's friend


JASMINE(POV) my mom said yesterday that today i will meet her friend she said her name is ANNA she said she is a sweet lady and all but i did not want to go i mean i girl need time for myself right i mean i am a A+ student  because my mom said tat studying is more important then seeing friends so now that i have a week off she is making me go with her out with her friends what about my friends . my mom call's me saying we will leave in 10min so i get ready i put on some black skinny jeans and a tank top  and put on my van's and run down i see my mom look at me with eye's that  she wanted me to change but i looked at her saying No .we went out to the car my mom took us to a flat it was big we waited out till someone came out then my mom say to go to the back so i got out and went to the back my mom and her talked till we made it to the mall  we got out and then i said hi to her and then she asked how old am i and i told her that i was 16 then she said oh like my sob,and i was like umm ok then she said my son works at the bakery by 21 forever she asked if i can get him so i said yes she said the name  his name was Harry then i said harry then she said yes then i went but when she said that name i smiled because it is the name of my son if i get a son . i made it to the place i asked the lady  for harry then she said 1min and she left then a boy came back he looked so cute with his green eye's and his smile then he asked for who asked for him i said i was then i looked at me and said yes then i told him that his mom sent me to get him he smiled then he said ok then he said um i will come just give me 1min luv and he left .

HARRY(POV) when sara came and said a girl is asking for me i put down what i was doing and went out then i asked for who called me then this girls said she was she look so cute and hot at the same time . i said to her ok and then i told her i will be back in 1 min .i got my stuff and went out she was still waiting then i said i am here .she jumped and i said i am so sorry she smiled and said "no it is ok " so then she said lats go ,and i said ok we went  then something came up my head  i do not know what her name is ? i stopped then she looked at me and said whats wrong ?i  looked down and started blushing   then she took my chin and said whats wrong then i said i do not know your name ? then she smiled and said my name is jasmine then i tell her u have a beautiful name then she said thank you .then she said i love your name then i tell her my name ?then she said yes it is the name i want to name my son . then i said really ?then she said yes i love the name Harry . we keep walking till we made it to my mom and her mom  jasmine mom hugged me  she said it was nice to meet me and all that  then jasmine said mom i want to eat .then her mom said jasmine u just had food then she said fine then her mom said u have to keep yourself fit you have a runway to do then she said i am going to kill my self if i dod not eat . then i was like in my head she models ? 


hi all sorry i that it is short chapter but i hope u like it  hope u like it and harry is not famous yet soon he will be  can u read my other one it is called "the feeling to be loved" that one was my first one so i hope u can like read that one till i finish with this one <3 <3 


happy reading to all



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