The New Girl

Abby Miller is just getting over the death of her mom when she is shipped to live with her aunt Rebecca, an overprotective worrywart with a son not much older than Abby.

Abby is unsure of the new unfamiliar town and it's strange people. But, the people are just as unsure about Abby's strange style and personality. As she becomes accepted into their world, Abby is very cautious not to dive in headfirst.

She has been hurt enough times in her life to realize that all good things must come to an end. Will she let herself be immersed by the lives of those here? As Abby comes to meet some truly amazing people, she realizes that hurt isn't something that just one person has to deal with, it's something that is prominent in everyone's life.


3. Steven's Point of View


She was already different from the other girls at Greenville High.

            But I didn’t think that meant they wouldn’t accept her. There was something about Abby that made people become drawn to her. Maybe it was the way she dressed: comfortable and messy. Perhaps it was the way she looked: exotic and unique. But maybe, just maybe, it was the way she acted: she walked down the halls, slowly glancing from side to side with an expression that appeared almost bored.

            My friends all came up and punched me in the arm, asking where I had been hiding my hot cousin. I laughed with them and jokingly told them to watch it. My friend Matt had come up to me and slung his arm around my shoulder. “You hear about this new girl they’re talking about… Allie or Annie or something. I heard she’s hot.” He said sloppily. He was always one step behind everyone.

            I laughed at him. “Her names Abby.  She’s my cousin. She’s staying at my place for a while.” I didn’t feel like revealing her personal life. It wasn’t my place.

             “Can you say sleepover?!” He practically squealed and I laughed at his ridiculous personality. “I’m off to scout her out.” He saluted me and went on down the hallway.

            Sadie walked up to me, her books in her arms. “I hear Abby’s your cousin. She seems really cool.” She said nicely.

            Everything about Sadie was nice. She was nice to strangers, teachers, even animals. She always looked nice. Sadie was the nice girl at Greenville.

            But it was even better when the nice girl was my girlfriend.

            I comfortably threw my arm around her shoulder. “Sorry I didn’t tell you sooner, it was all really last minute.” I kissed the crown of her head and she nodded.

            “That’s alright, I understand.” And I knew she meant it. Sadie always understood.



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