The New Girl

Abby Miller is just getting over the death of her mom when she is shipped to live with her aunt Rebecca, an overprotective worrywart with a son not much older than Abby.

Abby is unsure of the new unfamiliar town and it's strange people. But, the people are just as unsure about Abby's strange style and personality. As she becomes accepted into their world, Abby is very cautious not to dive in headfirst.

She has been hurt enough times in her life to realize that all good things must come to an end. Will she let herself be immersed by the lives of those here? As Abby comes to meet some truly amazing people, she realizes that hurt isn't something that just one person has to deal with, it's something that is prominent in everyone's life.


8. Abby's Point of View


Perfection did exist. There was no way around it. Her name was Sadie Rivers. God said let there be perfection, and bam. Sadie was created. Or something along those lines. Everything about her was absolutely stunning. She was kind to everyone, even those who were deemed weird or rude. She worked at the animal shelter. She was a straight A student. She came from a good family. She was in a steady relationship with a great guy. She sang in her church choir and visited the Children’s wing of the hospital on the weekends. She was flawless.

Not to mention that she was gorgeous. She had shiny blonde hair streaked with gold and bronze. Her eyes were light blue and she had a smattering of adorable freckles across her clear skin.

But what struck me as the most beautiful about Sadie Rivers was her voice. Dear God, her voice was like an angel. It was clear and shimmery, like a gold bell. She managed to chirp everything in a friendly way, but it wasn’t annoying at all.

So when she showed up to Matt’s house Saturday morning, her keys dangling in her hands, I basically considered her a blessing in disguise.  She woke up Steven even though he was groggy, and told him she was taking me. Then, we got into her car and drove away. But she didn’t start driving me towards Rebecca’s. She drove in the opposite direction.

“Where are we going?” I asked cautiously.

“I have a friend I think you should meet. Don’t worry, I brought clothes for you. You look to be about my size.” She said quietly.

I nodded, too tired to argue. We drove for a while longer until she pulled up into the parking lot of a shabby diner.

“Lina’s” it read in peeling yellow paint above a craggy old building. She put the car in park and turned to face me.

“Look, around here, everyone kind of has a job. It’s how we get along in this boring mess of a town. I work at the shelter. Scar works at the art gallery. Louise works at the daycare. Steven works in the sports equipment store. Matt works at the movie theater.  I just thought maybe you might like a job too.”

I thought of my mother. She was a waitress. She loved it, most of the time. She was so good with people and so gorgeous that she always brought home the best tips. One summer she was a bartender, and all the people who were frequents called her “Tempting Tessa” or “Tess the best.” She loved the attention, bathed in it even. I told myself back then that I never wanted to be a waitress. But I thought about it now. I thought about how much I missed her and I decided it might be nice to be like her in some way. It might help me connect to her.

Sadie handed me a bag of clothes and I darted inside to the little bathroom, quick as a whip. The bathroom was small and smelled of warm vanilla spices and soft lavender. The wallpaper was peeling and faded but it was still quaint and lovely. I changed into a pair of soft jeans and a light blue sweater. I peeled off my boots and put on a pair of plain canvas shoes. I put my hair into a loose ponytail and pulled out a bottle of makeup remover. Sadie really did think of everything. She even packed me deodorant. I cleaned off my smeared makeup. Suddenly it looked trashy in this classic bathroom mirror.

 I glanced at myself. I looked plain in my simple sweater, clean face, and ponytail. But I didn’t feel ugly. I just felt kind of bland and boring. I walked out, Sadie’s purse stuffed with my clothes.  

I handed it to her and she got out of the car. Together, we walked back inside. It was friendly and warm on the inside. The booths were wooden and rickety. There were pictures framed all along the walls.  I gazed at them and took a seat in the booth. A lady came up and sat down. Sadie took this as her cue to leave and she wandered back over to the car, saying she would wait.

I was immediately taken aback by how beautiful the woman in front of me was. She was old and clearly happy. Her smile was spread across her face from ear to ear. Her teeth were bright white and I guessed they were fake. She had long gray hair that was laced back in a gentle braid that hung over one shoulder. Her hands were tan and leathery and her nails were painted a lemon yellow. A nametag pinned to her floral dress read “Lina” in red letters. What a beautiful name for such a beautiful person.

She must have noticed me staring because she reached over and grasped one of my hands. I glanced into her clear blue eyes before immediately looking away.

“Oh no, my dear, new people are always the most fun to stare at.” She chirped in a lovely voice.  “At least that’s what my Henry used to say.” She laughed.

I glanced back at her. She smiled at me. Her eyes crinkled at the corners and I wondered how old she was. Her face was smooth and round, but I could tell that she had done amazing things in her life just by looking at her. She was just one of those people. The ones that were such a mystery and yet so predictable. The ones that you thought you would know everything about but then you learn something new about every single day. I could guess that she had traveled the world, experienced true love, watched someone grow old and mature, become successful. I could tell all this. And I had only known her for three minutes.

She squeezed my hand. “How about a job?” She asked warmly, but suddenly.

I wrinkled my eyebrows at her. She kept smiling at me. I nodded, before I had time to change my mind. 

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