The New Girl

Abby Miller is just getting over the death of her mom when she is shipped to live with her aunt Rebecca, an overprotective worrywart with a son not much older than Abby.

Abby is unsure of the new unfamiliar town and it's strange people. But, the people are just as unsure about Abby's strange style and personality. As she becomes accepted into their world, Abby is very cautious not to dive in headfirst.

She has been hurt enough times in her life to realize that all good things must come to an end. Will she let herself be immersed by the lives of those here? As Abby comes to meet some truly amazing people, she realizes that hurt isn't something that just one person has to deal with, it's something that is prominent in everyone's life.


6. Abby's Point of View


Scarlett Clark was different from anyone else at Greenville High.

            She was, to say the least, a free spirit.

            The first thing I noticed was her appearance: long mane of black curly tendrils, dramatically thick but still tame and dark brows, ruby red lips, and ice blue eyes. She looked exotic and made up, like a Disney princess. She wore green eye shadow and purple eyeliner every day. And she smelled incredibly strongly of lemons. That was refreshing. Everything about Scarlett Clark was refreshing.

            After only a week at Greenville, I decided I needed to be friends with this girl. She was sassy and dramatic and gorgeous. And she was different, and I was different. And I really needed a friend whose biggest worry wasn’t if she had the new Tiffany’s tennis bracelet shipped in to one of her seven addresses.

            The first time I saw Scarlett was in the hallway during a class. I was coming back from using the bathroom and she was talking to a teacher in the hallway, Mrs. Prunell. Mrs. Prunell was screeching at Scarlett because she always forgot her homework.

            Scarlett just leaned against the wall, one leg bent at an angle. She was snapping her gum in the teachers face and twisting it around her pointer finger. Snap, twist, snap, twist. I was envious of her ability to check out of humiliating situations.

            One day, in Chemistry, I asked her to be my lab partner. She looked me up and down and agreed. And we talked.

            “So how you likin it here, newbie?” She cackled.

            “It’s preppy. I’m not that preppy.” I shrugged.

            “Here, you go with the populars or your not accepted. But everyone’s still trying to figure you out girly. What a mess of the social chain you have made.” She gazed at me and I looked away, flushed.

            I was confused. But I didn’t question her. I stared at her. She had a tiny scar under her eyebrow. Short and light, but still a flaw. Everyone had flaws.

A few days later, she came up and tapped my shoulder with her chewed up pen.

“Listen, my best friend Louise and I are crashing a party tonight. You’d love Louise. She’s a doll. But her boyfriend Owen, he’s something else. You in? It’ll be fun. I think. I hope. If not, well, we’ll hit up McDonalds.” She snickered and snapped her gum.

“Sure, I’ll go.” I shrugged.

“Great, meet me at “Lina’s” at six. It’s the diner over on Mayberry Boulevard.” I nodded.

            That night I went home and raided my closet. What does one wear to a party in this town? A dress? Jeans? God, I missed New York. I was walking around in light gray matchstick jeans and an army green collared tank top that was a bit too short. I had gone daring in black thigh high boots. It sounded totally hookerish in my mind, but looked totally hot on. I hoped. I left my hair in a ponytail and did dramatically winged eyelids.

            “Rebecca? Do I like have a curfew? I didn’t have one with my mom but you might be uh different.” I called.

            She walked in wearing a floor length housedress and gasped. “Oh my. That is quite the outfit, dear.” She gritted her teeth. I grimaced. “Well um, until you get all situated, lets say, uh 12:30? Is that okay?”

            I nodded. “Could Steven drive me to the diner?” She smiled and nodded.

            Steven drove me and when I got out of the car, he stared pointedly at my waist, which was visible. I tugged my shirt down awkwardly.

            “I might stop by the party tonight. But if not, like call me if you need…anything.” I smiled at him and watched him drive away.

            Five minutes later, a red convertible pulled up.  I spotted two mops of curly hair. One was Scarlett, her hair bunched into a bun with clips and pins all over. The other must have been Louise. She was cute, with her big sunglasses and glossy lips. She grinned at me.

            “Hey, I’m Louise.” Her voice had a heavy southern drawl. I smiled.

            “You look hot, bitch, now get in the damn car.” Scarlett smacked the backseat and I clambered in.  They blasted the radio and we drove off. “I am so ready to get  wasted!” Scarlett bellowed and cackled as we drove off.

            The party was like something out of a movie. There were hookups in every corner, on every surface. Beer was everywhere. People were everywhere. We walked in and a gust of heat hit us like bad breath. We walked around. I was introduced to everyone and everyone was introduced to me. I was handed beer after beer. Shot after shot. I didn’t care much for beer, but I didn’t mind the shots. I took them with Louise and Scarlett and sooner or later, we all became pretty drunk. At one point I saw Steven and Matt. Scarlett was nowhere to be found and Louise was off with her boyfriend.

            A guy came up to me. “Hey baby girl, I’m Rob.” He threw his arm around my shoulder. I looked up at him innocently. He was tall and lean, with dark hair and a scruffy chin.

            “Is that right? Is that your name? Cuz that not my name!” I shook my head from side to side with my eyes wide open. I was so drunk.

            “Well what is your name?” He leaned in close to me. I could feel his arm sliding lower. It rested just above my stomach.

            “ABIGAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I shrieked. I was an obnoxious drunk.

            His hand got lower and lower. He tucked it into my back pocket. “Someone’s getting handsy, Mister.” I giggled at him and he winked.

            “Lets get out of here baby.” I nodded and followed him. I was about to take off with him out of the front door when I felt a hand around my arm. I was spun around by one person and Rob grabbed my waist protectively.

            It was Matt. “Get off me, you asshole.” I yanked at my arm but he held tight.

            “Abby, you’re drunk. And who is this guy?” He jerked his thumb at Rob.

            “That is Robert. And I am not drunk! I only had 1-2-…” I tried to count the number of shots I had had. “It doesn’t matter! I’m leaving. It’s too hot.” I tried to pry his fingers off my arm.

            “You aren’t leaving with him. You don’t even know him.” I gasped. “Steven would kill me if I let you-“

            “If you let her what?” Steven walked over to us and glanced at Matt’s hand. “Where do you think you’re going Abby?”

            “Out! If only your stupid friend would let go of me. This is assault! I could sue him!” My words slurred together and Rob tugged me towards him slightly. Matt tightened his grip. “I AM NOT A ROPE FOR YOU TO PLAY TUG OF WAR WITH NOW LET ME GO!” I screamed at Matt.

            “Abby you’re not going anywhere with him.” Steven pointed to Rob. “We’re taking you home.”

            “Touch me and I swear to God, I will kill you. I am not five years old. I am a big girl, Steven, a big girl!” Matt snatched my other hand and wrenched me away from Rob. I screamed at him. Matt pinned both my hands behind my back and guided me outside. I’d like to say I could have gotten away, but his massive hands were so strong, I couldn’t budge. Steven followed us. At one point, I stopped dead in my tracks and Matt threw me over his shoulder.


            “You’re a jerk you know that. The both of you. I hate you.” I grumbled. “I’m a big girl. I can take care of myself.” I sighed loudly. “Itsaapartyy.” I giggled.

            “No, you’re a little girl with too much alcohol in her system who is making stupid decisions.” Matt hoisted me over his shoulder more. I let out a blunt ‘oomph.’

            “We can’t take her back to my house. My mom will freak out.”  Steven blurted out.

            “Okay, we can go to my place. My parents are out of town. You can tell your mom that she’s spending the night at a friends.” 

            Steven clambered into the front seat and Matt slid me gently into the back. He buckled my seat belt and climbed in next to me.  I sighed deeply and tried to pull away from him but he tugged me close. His hand rested on my knee. It was soft and warm but I pushed it off me. I let him put his jacket around my shoulders.

            I was asleep before we even got home.


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