The New Girl

Abby Miller is just getting over the death of her mom when she is shipped to live with her aunt Rebecca, an overprotective worrywart with a son not much older than Abby.

Abby is unsure of the new unfamiliar town and it's strange people. But, the people are just as unsure about Abby's strange style and personality. As she becomes accepted into their world, Abby is very cautious not to dive in headfirst.

She has been hurt enough times in her life to realize that all good things must come to an end. Will she let herself be immersed by the lives of those here? As Abby comes to meet some truly amazing people, she realizes that hurt isn't something that just one person has to deal with, it's something that is prominent in everyone's life.


4. Abby's Point of View


The school was weird.

Everyone kept staring at me. I felt like I had three heads and they couldn’t get enough of me.  The teachers stared at me. The students stared at me. Even the ladies in the cafeteria stared at me.

My math teacher’s room smelled like stale bread and he was old. He could barely croak out my name and when he did, he would wheeze and cough very loudly. He said, “Class, this is Abigail. Abigail, tell them something about yourself.”

“I’m Abby.” I stated bluntly and walked to a seat in the back row.

“Abigail, please tell them something more interesting about yourself.” He croaked sternly.

This was honestly the last place I wanted to be. But everyone was turned in their seat, staring at me. I stood up and slammed my bag on the seat. “I’m Abby and I like to eat. Because one day, my dream is to get really, really, fat.” And with that I sat back down, the legs of the chair grinding against the tile floor.

Everyone kept staring at me. But their expressions were softer, almost amused. Suddenly a guy in front stood up. “Points to new girl for having a hearty appetite!” He winked at me and the class tittered with laughter.

After school, I went to my locker but it wouldn’t open so I abandoned hope and slammed it shut. “Hey new girl, need some help?” A tall guy slung his arm around my shoulder. I wiggled away from him and walked towards Steven’s locker. “I’m Matt.” He called, and I ignored him. I arrived at Steven’s locker where he was talking to a cute blonde girl with freckles and blue eyes.

She smiled at me. “Hi, I’m Sadie, Steven’s girlfriend. You must be Abby.” I nodded and was struck by how pretty her voice was. It was gentle and clear as bells. I looked at Steven, and he was talking to that guy, Matt, who kept elbowing me in the hip.

“This idiot bothering you?” Steven pointed at Matt and I nodded and smiled. “Thought so.” He said and punched Matt in the arm jokingly.

Then Steven hugged the girl, Sadie and pecked her lightly. She smiled at me. “It was really great to meet you. Here’s my phone number in case you need anything.” And she handed me a slip of paper that had her name and number in purple pen.

We walked out to Steven’s car and I surprisingly loved his little black jeep two door wrangler. Matt was following us and I assumed we were giving him a ride home. He reached for the handle of the passenger seat but I beat him to it. I swung open the door and slid into the seat.

He stared at me, awestruck. “The new girls feisty. I like that.”

The car ride continued: Steven driving and Matt flicking my ear, yanking my hair, and tapping my shoulder, all of which was incredibly annoying. I finally turned around to face him. “If you touch me one more time, I will shave your eyebrows off in your sleep and staple your lips together. Before he could respond, Steven started laughing hysterically. Matt punched Steven in the shoulder but didn’t touch me for the rest of the ride. We dropped him off at his large brick manor and kept driving back to Rebecca’s.

After that, it was silent except for Steven drumming his fingers on the wheel. I looked at him. He was tall with an athletic build and his skin was clear and deeply tan. He had a mop of sandy blonde hair and chocolate brown eyes framed by thick lashes. I suppose he was attractive enough. He caught me looking at him and ran his hand through his hair.

Looking away, I motioned to the currently off radio. “Do you mind?” I asked him.

“Of course not.” He said and I switched it on and landed on the first country music station I could find.

“You a country girl?” He asked me and I nodded mischievously. He smiled and turned it up and we sat like that, in comfortable silence except for the music, until we arrived home.


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