Wolves At Night

Moving into the Bieber home for a babysitting job is big.
Jeremy, and Erin have two babies, and a grown eighteen year old son... Who's odd.
Real odd.
"Did you just growl at me?"


1. The Boy Who Ran Into A Tree



"She's a what?" I ask, and Erin glares. "A dancer. And she has a name. It's Macy." She scolds, and I rolled my eyes. "Like a stripper?" I asked bewildered, and she scoffed. "Macy's the ballet teacher at Jazmyn's dance school, Justin. Hush up. It has nothing to do with you." She says, and I widen my eyes.

"It has to do with me, Erin. Their my siblings. Why don't you just ask me to watch them instead of a stripper?" I asked, clearly offended. "Justin. You barely have time for them. And she's not a stripper for God's sake Justin. Hush up, and go wash up!" She was getting angry now.

"I have loads of time for them! This girl's a stranger!" I yelled at her, and I felt my breathing get heavy. Erin stopped being so rough on her words. "Go calm down. She's coming for dinner." Erin said calmly, and with that I rushed, out to the backyard, all my bones reshaping into my form.

I huffed, and hopped over the fence. Stupid Erin. Stupid Stripper. Stupid dinner. I heard Erin, and Dad talking to eachother.

I told you he wouldn't be happy.

Jeremy, he needs to learn to controll his temper.

Erin...don't start.

He doesn't even try!

I tried to block their voices out, and I accidently ran into a tree. I let out a whimper, and halted. After I got the wound, which was now oozing, I shifted into human form, making me slightly uncomfortable, seeing it hurt more when it was just flesh. "Shit." I cursed, and started walking back to the house.

Once I arrived, I saw an extra car out front. It was a Mercedes Benz, I rolled my eyes as I pressed my hand against the wound.

"Ouch. What happened?" A voice came from my right, and I turned, hearing the voice made me feel weird. A girl stood, brown hair cascaded down her shoulders, to the bottom of her ribcage. Her brown eyes looked with concern at the cut open skin. She was really pretty, but just by looking at her, I knew she was the one taking my siblings away from me.

I glared down at her petite frame, but she didn't look scared, I shrugged, puffing up my chest. "I ran into a tree." That didn't sound so manly as I thought it would, and I saw her trying to stiffle a smile. "While on my motercycle." I said quickly, and wondered to myself why the hell I wanted to impress this bitch.

"Yeah, right...I'm Macy." She stuck out her tiny hand, and I ignored it, "I have to get this cleaned up." I marched into the house. "Errrrrriiinnn. Your stripper is here." I yelled loudly, hoping the hoe would hear me. "Justin Drew Bieber!" Dad shouted, and I rolled my eyes, trotting upstairs.

I walked into my room, picking up a dirty t-shirt, and wiping the blood falling down my arm. I stung, and then I found myself listening i on Stripper, and Erin's conversation.

Sorry about Justin. He's got a huge ego that he needs to tone down. Shit she knows I'm listening.

Oh, it's alright. I'm sure we'll get along. Yea fucking right. I splashed some water on my arm, and hopped in the shower.

His ego doesn't need anymore stroking. You don't need to suck up to him. I hear Erin whisper in my head, and I wash my body, and hair, scrubbing dirt off my body.

Ego? My ego is right where it fucking needs to be.

I finally get out, and dry out my hair. I shake it out, and then put some shorts on. If Erin thinks I'm going to actually dress up to meet-well meet again- she is sooooo wrong. I already don't like her.

"Oh, here he is." I see Erin stand up, and then see Dad from the corner of my eye give me a warning look.

"Hi again. I'm Macy." She smiles a gorgeous smile, and I almsot gasp at how a feeling tugs at my stomach, but I quickly regain my posture, and smirk obnoxiously.

"I'm Justin. Pleased to see you again. I've never met a stripper before." I say politely, and see Erin's face turn to shock, and anger. I smiled now, beacuse later, I knew I was going to get a huge lecture later on.

Macy laughed, which made me furrow my eyebrows. Her laugh once again cue'd that feeling, but made me confused. She laughed...after I called her a stripper.

"Funny one. Great chat up line." She smiled, to where the corners of her eyes crinckle, and Erin looked somewhat relieved.

After dinner was over, Macy put her bags in her room, with help from Dad, and none from me. Ha. Take that.

She was in her room. Listening to music. Classical music from her iPod. I heard it all the way from my room, and it was making me sleepy. I waled to her room, it was two in the morning. Why was she up. I focused on her thoughts, but all I got was notes of the song.

I busted in her room, startling her.

"If you know what's good for you, you should stay out of this family. Just go back to wherever you came from, Stripper." I said, and she smiled cockily.

"Oh, Justin Bieber. I know all about you. We went to the same highschool. Same year. You were the popular jerk, alpha or whatever. And you have real nerve calling me a stripper, because with the girl's you've dated, I wouldn't be surprised if they were protitutes. I need a sumemr job before I go off to college, and it would be better if you would just butt out, because honestly...it's not my dream to deal with you either, but your family is the total oppisite." She rolled her eyes.

I glared, and stormed out.

Ohhh, she told you. Caleb's voice laughed. I turned, to see him double over in laughter.

I glared. "Why are you here?" I ask him, and he shrugged. "Guys want you to come out with us tonight. Came to tell you." Caleb said, "Did you do something with your hair? You look-you seem different." He said, and I rolled my eyes. "You saw me three hours ago. Maybe it's the cut. I ran into a tree earlier." I blurted, and saw Caleb about to laugh.

I glared. Why did everybody have to laugh at it?

"Anyways, let's go before Erin notices your gone." Caleb says, rushing out down stairs. I followed behind him.

It's funny how I've never seen the girl in highschool. It wasn't that big o a school. I didn't even reconize her name. Macy...nope. Whatever.

Yo! Damien's voice cooed, before he stood up on his back paws, and pawed my chest, I knocked him down. "Dude. Keep the claws off." I said, and then shifted quickly.

Dear Diary, Intresting day so far. I hear Macy's voice say. Something about Justin Bieber had always quirked my curiousity, but now, it's at it's peak, and I have to know. What's his secret?

I'm out of hearing range as we enter the main part of the woods.

Good luck with that honey. Find out my secrets? Pfft. No.

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