The Ultimates - 2

After Abby's past adventures she would tank that everything can go back to normal right? Well that's where she's wrong. Her mum, step-dad, Sam, Laylen and everyone else in Miami go missing, everyone except Kieran Laylen's big brother. Abby goes to him for help and they get Sam and Laylen back by Abby using some intense power that they never knew she had.
But after 2 years the find away to open a portal through the magic barrier going around Miami but only 2 people can go out but they have to be back after one week exactly. But what happens when one of the 2 outside the barrier get trapped out? And who are the 2 people? Where do they go?
The thing is when on their little holiday they meet more Ultimates, will they help or not? Read to find out


3. Fight, birthday, magic portal thing and danger

What? Why does everyone keep staring at me?" I asked getting annoyed with them then Sam came and hugged me tightly so I hugged back then said "Ok you can let go now Sam" so he did. They were all still sating at me and it was really annoying "Is there something on my face?" i asked getting very annoyed and they all just shook their heads "Then why are you guys staring at me?!" I had anger in my voice that I couldn't hide "Abby... How did you do that? No other person has ever managed to do that apart from the leader of forseers, tell me how you did all that" Sam said whilst still staring at me "I don't know, it all just seemed to happen like there was someone in my head telling me what to do" then shrugged they were still staring so I said "Would you quit staring!!!!! It's very annoying!" I shouted then they laughed, they got a big platefuls of daggers shot at them "You get really cute when your angry" Sam said finally then came over and hugged me from behind me "And would you two care to explain where the hell you went? I was really worried first mum and christopher then you two, a girl can only take so much worry you know" I said Sam gently kissed the back of my head "Sorry sis we couldn't use our powers in there" then kissed my head again "Well can you guys do one thing for me?" I asked nicely "Sure what is it?" Kieran said "Train me up properly how ever long it takes I want to know everything" they all nodded it could be a good thing getting to know everything.

Two years later
It's been 2 years now and I'm almost fully trained and it's my 16th in 2 days, I wonder what I'm getting for my birthday? I doubt I'll get a party though considering our situation, we still hadn't found mum and Christopher, or found out what was keeping us in Miami. It was 7:30 am when I woke up to see Sam leaving his room and going downstairs so I listened to what he was saying to Laylen then when he mentioned me and gifts I decided to walk down to get breakfast wow they were both early risers they were already dressed I how ever was still wearing my pyjama top and shorts and hair in a messy ponytail "Morning" they both said when I got to the bottom "Morning" I said back then went and made myself a bowl of cornflakes "What do you want for your birthday tomorrow?" Sam asked I thought about it "A good time" I replied smiling. Then I went back upstairs and got dressed electric blue ripped jeans, a black tank top, leather jacket, high heels and curled my hair and done my make up then went down for my training today it was fighting I had done a lot already and was pretty good at it so I met Sam outside in the garden and yes I was away to fight in high heels I'm that talented. "Hey bro so what are we doing today?" I asked whilst walking up to him "We're going to have a fight to see wether you can protect yourself and I'm not going to hold back and I don't want you to either." I really didn't want to fight Sam he was was my brother and boy friend well kinda but still I didn't want to fight him but I knew he would force me to anyway so I had no choice. "Fine I'll fight you but please don't hurt me" he smiled then threw a punch at me I dodged it then threw one back and twisted his arm backwards but he untwisted it and grabbed mines and pulled me into him "Rematch?" he whispered in my ear and I nodded then he let go of my arm and as soon as he did I attacked kicked his side and threw punches at him and I won as he fell to the floor "So am I a ninja yet?" I asked whilst laughing and pulling him up "Definatley, you are a very talented very hot ninja" whilst he pulled me into a hug then kissed me and we stood there snogging for about 5 minutes then I pulled away "Practise over?" he nodded then I felt some one summoning me to go to the beach then I ran to the beach like a maniac then realised it as a trap as soon as I got there. Gret what do I do know? Then a group of men started walking towards me surrounding me with no escape then I realised if I wanted to escape I had to fight and probably a bit of flirting might help me along the way so when the first guy got to me I started flirting with him and he fell for it do I started attacking him and then the others started attacking me so I fought back and more and more came and I managed to get back to the house but I was surounded and couldn't get in then I fought them all of then looked up to notice Laylen, Kieran and Sam staring from the window so I used telepathy "A little help here? Please?" then they came out and helped me then we defeated them all then Sam asked "Abby are you ok? Youv gone a bit pale" I shook my head "I'll be fine don't worry I just need a rest" then went of to my room there were voices in my head like I was tuning into Sams conversation "She's getting stronger but I think it was too much for her, of course I didn't send them after her! I love her I would never do that but the fact that she was attacked means that we are close to figuring this out we just need to tell her." and then I fell back a sleep to be woken by a soft kiss on my lips Sam's lips "Good morning" he said then kissed me again to wake me up and sure enough I woke up and it was my birthday! At last, wait how was I in my pj's? Someone had changed my clothes oh well who cares "Morning Sam" I said as I woke up "Happy birthday sis" he said then hugged me then helped me up and I went downstairs. When I got there there was a birthday cake on the table and presents beside it "You guys didn't need to do this for me" I said as Laylen and Kieran came out of the living room "Of course we do it's your 16th birthday" Kieran said. Then Laylen handed me a big parcel rapped in shiny paper so I opened it and it was all the clothes and make up I had seen in town that I had liked "Thank you Laylen this is all stuff I said I wanted in town" than hugged him "Your welcome Abby, wev got to keep the only lady in miami happy don't we" then laughed then Kieran handed me a smaller parcel and it had my 3 favourite perfumes in it "These are my favourites thank you Kieran" then hugged him "It's ok Abby" then Sam handed me a small jewellery box that had a necklace in it the necklace had a heart on it with a diamond n the middle then little pink gems scattered around it "Thank you Sam this is beautiful!" I said then hugged him "A beautiful gift for my beautiful sister" then hugged me back and whispered "Iv got something else for you later" then let go. I wonder what he meant? Il find out later anyway then I went upstairs to get changed I put on a floral play suit, light pink stilettos, curled my hair, put on some of my new make up, put on some of my new perfume, put some dangly diamond earrings on and my new necklace as if on que just when I was putting the necklace on Sam came in and asked if I needed help and I did I couldn't get the clasp done "Need any help there?" "Yes please I can't get the clasp done" so he came over brushed my hair out of the way and put the necklace around my neck and softly done the clasp then he kissed the back of my neck and whispered "How about we leave town for a few days? Like a little holiday" I turned round "How though we can't get out of miami" I was really confused "Wev found a way that if Laylen and Kieran do the right spell we can get out for 1 week but only us can come in and out, what do you say? You can pick if you like" I thought about a chance to escape Miami for a few days get out and have fun for my birthday "I'd love it but you can pick I want you to surprise me" then he smiled so much and I had to ask this I hope he won't get mad "I'm confused about our relationship are we brother and sister or boyfriend and girlfriend?" he looked like he understood me "I think wer a bit of both" then he said "I'll got let them know wer going, pack a bag and I'll be back later" then he gave me a kiss on the cheek. What would happen when we went away? I just wanted some fun I hope that would be possible. It was 5 o'clock so i went down stairs for some of my birthday cake that I hadn't tasted yet when I got there there was loads of spell stuff out so i decided to keep out of their way whilst they sorted this and got a slice of cake it was chocolate cake and delicious. They started chanting some weird spells and I went up the other stairs not wanting to get stuck in some spell. I went and sat on my sofa eating the cake I finished and went down to put my plate away as I got to the bottom of the stairs I bolt of magic flew at me and I ducked then said "What the hell was that?!" Then Laylen came over "Sorry Abby that wasn't meant to go at you wer struggling with a certain part of the spell" "It's ok" I walked through to the kitchen washed my plate and put it away I went to the living room and leaned on the door they were doing a spell then Kieran said "We don't have enough power!" They didn't realise I was there but they were struggling and they were only using their warlock power so I decided to help from where I was I used my witch power and all they saw was pink light then they realised it was me and then our powers went away I'm assuming that meant that that part of the spell was done? "Abby how long have you been there?" Sam said "About ten minutes and I realised that you were struggling from the shouting so i helped out, thank me later" I replied then smiled and walked away. I could feel them staring at me as I walked out I just walked up to my room and sat down on my bed facing the window imagining being away from Miami for a bit to see other people again then I felt someone behind me "Sam is that you?" But no one replied I turned round and there was one of the men from earlier they had the same black outfits on I got up and made a run for my door but he grabbed my ankle and I fell over I screamed hopefully they would hear me. I started kicking hopefully I could get him off but it didn't work I tried crawling but that didn't work either he started pulling me back good job I was strong I held onto the door I managed to use a telepathy image of what was happening to sam, Laylen and Kieran hopefully they got it but the guy grabbed my ankle more and dug in I screamed again it hurt so much then I heard people running up the stairs "Let go of me!!!" I screamed then out of no where another guy appeared beside him and grabbed my other leg and I couldn't hold onto the door anymore and started sliding across the floor closer to them then Laylen, Sam and Kieran appeared in the door way just as I got hold of the sofa but then they put something sharp into my ankle and I screamed and accidentally let go off the sofa "Let. Go. Of. Her. Now." Sam said with anger burning in his eyes I was screaming and crying in pain. My room was so big I just realised that but they were trying to get me to the window I stopped trying to resist the pain was too much and I could see blood everywhere but I was still screaming and crying and I realised they had deeply slashed my ankle but then when I looked up they were on the ground knocked out and Laylen and Kieran were standing beside them. I tried to move but it hurt to much so I just lay there in pain and then Sam, Laylen and Kieran were lifting me onto my bed and they put me down gently and rushed off to get a first aid kit and I just lay there thinking about what just happened then they came back up with towels, a first aid kit and an ice bag I was still crying and the pain seemed to get worse. Kieran got out some first aidy things and Sam put the towels under my ankle and then held my hand when Kieran had finished he said "They cut you really deeply but if we wait about an hour then use some of the healing elements of we're wolves then we can get it fixed" I just nodded then Laylen and Kieran left my room and went downstairs again "What happened? How did they get in here?" Sam said as he sat beside me on the bed "I was just sitting facing the window and I heard someone behind me I thought it was you so I got up and turned round and it was one of the men from the other day when I went to the beach and got attacked I ran for the door but he tripped me up and grabbed my ankle I tried to hold on then you guys got here and another one appeared out of no where and slashed me" then I think he muttered something bad under his breath I don't know what it was then he kissed me "Better?" I smiled "A bit better" then he smiled.
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