The Ultimates - 2

After Abby's past adventures she would tank that everything can go back to normal right? Well that's where she's wrong. Her mum, step-dad, Sam, Laylen and everyone else in Miami go missing, everyone except Kieran Laylen's big brother. Abby goes to him for help and they get Sam and Laylen back by Abby using some intense power that they never knew she had.
But after 2 years the find away to open a portal through the magic barrier going around Miami but only 2 people can go out but they have to be back after one week exactly. But what happens when one of the 2 outside the barrier get trapped out? And who are the 2 people? Where do they go?
The thing is when on their little holiday they meet more Ultimates, will they help or not? Read to find out


2. A/N :)

Hey guys!

When I wrote this and all my other stories I never really wrote them in chapters I just wrote so...... Instead of me being bored when trying to fit them into chapters I'm just going to upload the rest of the story in one chapter!

You might have noticed if you have read any more of my movellas that the chapters sometimes don't make sense so that's why :)

I'm going to be doing this with as many of my stories as I can and if there are any weird spelling mistakes on them it's because I write all of these in my iPad so yeah.

I really hope you enjoy my movellas and keep reading, like-ing, commenting and favouriting :)

Keira x
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