The Ultimates - 2

After Abby's past adventures she would tank that everything can go back to normal right? Well that's where she's wrong. Her mum, step-dad, Sam, Laylen and everyone else in Miami go missing, everyone except Kieran Laylen's big brother. Abby goes to him for help and they get Sam and Laylen back by Abby using some intense power that they never knew she had.
But after 2 years the find away to open a portal through the magic barrier going around Miami but only 2 people can go out but they have to be back after one week exactly. But what happens when one of the 2 outside the barrier get trapped out? And who are the 2 people? Where do they go?
The thing is when on their little holiday they meet more Ultimates, will they help or not? Read to find out


1. Saving them.

"I could never hate you Sam he does deserve it" I was agreeing with him and that made him happy I could tell by looking into his eyes then he hugged me again then he kissed me so I kissed him back "So Laylen was right you do like me" I said whilst laughing "Of course I do, iv liked you since I first met you, your so pretty and kind" he replied then kissed me again so I kissed him back again.

That was a magical day everything seemed to go right but one thing was on my mind, where was my mum and Christopher I had been so messed up in my things I forgot about them so that afternoon I spent trying to get a hold of them and I couldn't track their phones which was weird. So after 2 hours of trying to get in touch with them I walked though to Sam's room to see if he could help me. When I walked in I couldn't see him anywhere then I went down stairs to see if he was there but he wasn't I was the only one here I could swear I has heard someone in his room. Maybe he was at Laylen's? So I got my phone and went down the road to Laylen's house the whole of miami was a lot quieter than usual. I knocked on the door a few times then his brother answered the door "Hey Abby, looking for Laylen?" he said "Uh yeah do you know where he is?" I replied something was wrong and I could tell it was like a sixth sense "No sorry iv not seen him since this morning he came back from yours then said he was going out with Sam and never came back, is it just me or is there something wrong today everything seems too, quiet" he said he sensed there was something wrong as well and Laylen was missing as well "You sensed it too? Iv been trying to find out where my mum and Christopher are all day then I went to ask Sam for help he was gone and I was sure I had heard him in his room and he always tells me when he goes out but there was nothing and he won't answer his phone so I thought he might be here." I said. There was definitely something wrong today "I think you should come in Abby" Kieran sad so I followed him in and we sat on the sofa "Abby what powers do you have? I need to know this if we're going to figure out where everyone is" I thought back to what Laylen and Sam had said "Sam and Laylen had said that I have Forseer, Witch and Vampire blood through me but they don't know what else I have it was when the were doing Egothras Pythagras or something on me I could only hear them not open my eyes or anything" I told him hoping he could help "Egothas Parimada, and if we are going to track them down I'm going to need to teach you a tracking spell that uses your Forseer, Vampire and witch powers. It shouldn't take you long to learn once you know the basics and that shouldn't take long either." I explained. Great so it's time to learn things but if we can find Laylen and Sam first they could help and I would need to learn things sooner or later "Ok I'm in" I said I have to admit I was getting excited now. Then a bright light surrounded us and we were in Sam's room "Go get some of your things and pack them I need to get some of Sam's magic stuff to help us Laylen has loads as well" I nodded and ran to my room got my mini suit case and filled it with clothes, make up, bath things, my laptop and my phone and laptop chargers ten ran back through and Kieran was standing there with a bag tucked under his arm "Ready?" before giving me a chance to answer we were out of there and back in his living room "Come on i'll take you to the spare room, its better if you stay here seeing as we don't know what was going on" he added obviously seeing I was confused so I put my things in then went back down and Kieran had loads of weird stuff laid out "To start with we need to get you to summon your witch power through your hands like this" and then yellow light came bursting out of his hands and I just stood there then focused on my hands and put them outwards and then a bright pink light flashed out and then stayed there until I closed them and Kieran just clapped and I mock bowed then he said "Well done now sit down and I'm going to do something you may hate me for later but it is the best thing to do to jump start your emotions that power your Forseer ability and I need you to just focus on Laylen and Sam and you will either be taken to where they are or an image will appear in your head and if that happens I need you to tell me everything you see ok?" great I have no idea what Kieran's away to do and then I have to concentrate on finding Sam and Laylen well here goes nothing "Ok I'll do my best" Kieran nodded and then he leaned into me and kissed me and right at that time I focused on Sam and Laylen and then an image came into my mind like a video so I concentrated on hat and pushed Kieran away so I could tell him "It's like a video being streamed live, no that's horrible! Their chained up in a dungeon I think and there's a dragon walking around out side blowing flames onto them burning their skin" I was almost crying "Abby your fading concentrate you can't be pulled there!" was the last thing I heard then I somehow managed to end up in the dungeon in the corner curled up in a ball crying so I looked up and here was Sam and Laylen facing the other way chained to a wall cuts and burns all over them "Sam, Laylen?" I said whilst I was standing up and they looked around and then a look of surprise came onto their faces "Abby what are you doing here?" Laylen said "How did you get here? There's only ever been one person able to do that, the leader of the foresees" Sam said "I'll explain later" then I used my witch power to get the chains of and the bright pink light went everywhere, why did they look so surprised? Then I transported us back to Kieran and Laylen's living room and when we got there everyone was just staring at me.
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