Glowing Eyes

When the person you love's life is hanging in the balance, how far would you go to save them?

Tori Pearson and Zack Martinez had been best friends since third grade. Now Juniors in high school, their friendship still shines strong...until Mandy moves to town. Amanda Blair, Thornton High's newest queen bee is seemingly beautiful, smart and charming, thought Tori can see something is off about her. Amanda's eyes glow, and Tori knows that nobody else can see it but her.

With a monster for a rival, and her whole life hanging off a single promise, will Tori be able to sustain her friendship with Zack and save Little Thornton? Or will it all crumble with rest of her life?

Note: Used to be called '30 Things A Guy Should Do'


1. How It All Started

For Jess, my best friend ever! <3

You've helped me through when I had writer's block and I love you so much! xoxo


For Miss Morris, my Year 8 English teacher!I promised I'd dedicate a book to you if I ever published one, and even though this isn't really the same thing, I thought I'd still dedicate it to you. xoxo



Forestview Elementary looked huge from the outside, to Tori Pearson. She was just starting third grade, telling her parents and old friends that she was excited; not nervous at all...which was a complete lie. What if she didn't make any friends? What if nobody in her new school liked her? Well, she wouldn't know until she tried it. Her mother joined her outside the car, tightening her daughter's jacket and tucking her lunch into her backpack.

'Now remember, Tori,' Rosalie Pearson said to her daughter, stroking her brown hair out of her eyes. 'You're in Ms Darlton's class, okay?  It's all going to be fine; this school will be just like New York, you'll see.'

'But I loved New York,' Tori said, wistfully. 'Mom, I want to go back. I miss my friends!'

'You'll make new ones, honey,' said Rose, her hair blowing in the autumn breeze, giving Tori a little nudge. 'Look, I didn't want to move to Georgia either, but we had to if your father was going to keep his job. We might move back there one day, when your older, anyway.'

'But I want to be there now,' she cried, tears in her eyes. 'What if the people hate me?'

'Honey, why would they hate you? Because your from a different state?' she asked, concern in her eyes. 'Nobody would hate you because your from somewhere else. Hate is a very strong word.'

They were interrupted by the morning bell.

'You better go,' said her mom, giving her a little nudge. 'Try and make some friends, okay?'

'I will,' she mumbled, hugging her mom and running towards her new school building, trying to catch up with her other classmates.


Ms Dalton's class was very welcoming, with a colorful carpet, finger paintings decorating the walls and photos of the students along with their name, what they liked and didn't like and their favorite color. Tori studied each of these as she waited for her teacher to make her next announcement, and her gaze found a boy 'Zack' said his name card. He looked nice, she guessed, with thick, floppy black hair and the brightest green eyes she'd ever seen.

'Alright, children,' Ms Dalton started. 'I want you to grab a partner - make sure it's somebody who you haven't already met or don't know much about, and I want you to find out as much about them as you can. Go!"

Tori cringed. What if nobody wanted to be her partner? This was exactly the thing she wanted to avoid. Teamwork. She heard a small cough near her. It was a boy with dark hair and bright green eyes; Zack, she remembered, from the profile cards. He wore a black Batman shirt and faded grey jeans, with two identical braided surfer bracelets on his right wrist, with blank name plates; one was red, the other was black.

'Hi,' he said, grinning and sticking his hand out. 'I'm Zack, what's your name?'

'Tori,' she answered, shaking his hand. 'Will you be my partner, please?' He giggled, making his eyes dance.

'Sure,' he said. 'Well, I'm Zack, I'm eight years old and I like skateboarding and baseball-'

'You can skateboard?' she asked, awestruck. 'My dad tried to teach me, back in New York, but I kept falling off...' I let out a nervous laugh.

'You're from New York?' he asked, a look of astonishment on his face.

'Uh... Yeah, I'm from Brooklyn. Why, have you been there?' Oh no. Just what she didn't want to slip from her mouth. What if he thought she was weird because she was different? Would he make up an excuse and run away?

'Nope but I want to live there when I'm a big boy.' he blushed, making him look incredibly cute.  Tori breathed a sigh of relief. 'It's kind of my dream...' he coughed before returning the attention back to Tori. 'So, what kind of things do you like?'

'Um... I like music, my mom's teaching me guitar and I also like having friends...but now I've moved here so I don't actually have any.' Zack's dazzling eyes shone even brighter.

'Well, I'll be your friend, if you want?' he smiled, and handed her one of his two identical bracelets. 'Here, this can be our friendship charm! What do you say? Best friends?'

'Best friends.' she grinned, placing the bracelet on her small wrist.

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