This is a story about a girl with a horrid background, it all goes fine but there will always be a cliffhanger in the end. ♥


3. What Will I wear?

Mum rang earlier apologising for what a mess she has been lately. Grovelling more like she cannot deny that she needs me. I mean a drunken old abuser always needs somebody.She should of thought about that when she was abusing me and getting drunk every night of the week. She really ticks me off. But nothing is going to spoil me mood absoulutely nothing.


I'd been finding out lots about one direction. Going to the library and using my mac. I had a full writing pad full of info. I have to just go through it all and remember it. Maybe put it onto my notes in my phone but that'd take up my memory and they'd find me pretty rude if they're giving up their time to meet me and I'm sat there looking at my notes. I haven't been able to sleep for a while you know when you shut your eyes and you think about it then you try to stop thinking about it and sing they're songs. And then you just sit on your windowsill and listen to music. I'm exhausted, but I'm determined to get sleep before the concert because if I don't then falling asleep whilst they're singing to me won't be the coolest thing to do.I might start yoga because that relaxes you and takes away all your stresses and worries so I might be able to sleep! My dads bought me the cd, so I can perfect every song. I've so far perfected Rock Me, LWWY, Little things which Ed Sheeran originally wrote and Kiss You.


My dad doesn't seem so bothered about it. It's really confusing how he can just sit and train Niall and he can sit still for more than ten minutes. I mean he's not even really talked about it to me, Its' all I've thought about. Connie and Liv are so excited all the girls are excited and sucking up to me. Even Lucinda the biggest liar and two faced girl on the earth. Shes been sucking up to me all week but I do'nt particularly like her so you know she really shouldn't bother because it really isn't working. Charlottes just been cool and normal about it. I really like her shes new and people take the mick out of her. I don't see why shes really nice and all that. She helps me with my maths. I asked her if she would like to come and she shrugged. She isn't as outgoing as me. Me Connie and Liv decided to have a hat shuffle. Its were you have a hat and you put everybodies name in it -Girls who want to go- and then pick one out and whoever it is goes. But Lucinda's name will not be appearing in the hat at all.


Two days had passed and we were doing the hat shuffle. We shook the hat and closed our eyes as I picked out a name. IT WAS CHARLOTTE. That is such a relief because I secretly wanted it to be her all along because I would really like to be her best friend. We texted her and she was thrilled. She came over immedietly and we chilled listening to one direction non stop.

It just came to me, I have no money, I can't wear jeans or a big oversized jumper can I. I have nothing decent because I binned most of it. What am I going to wear?

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