This is a story about a girl with a horrid background, it all goes fine but there will always be a cliffhanger in the end. ♥


1. What A Lovely House I Had

I heard the creak of my bedroom door open as my dad strolled in with a purple tray, the tray had scrambled eggs a cup of coffee and a vase with a poppy placed into it. I sat up feeling the soft satin sheets with my cold bony fingers. I started to eat some tasty scrambled eggs. my dad was staring at me with twinkles in his blue eyes. My mum and dad split up recently so he wasn't that used to seeing me so often. My mum abused me for quite a while because she was depressed, one day it got dangerous so I called childline and put a stop to it. Now I'm happily living with my dad and I'm loving every minute of it. He kissed my forehead playing with my dodgy red fringe. As soon as I'd finished he went downstairs with my tray. I jumped out of my bed onto the warm,white,fluffy carpet and went to my wardrobe opened the doors and shoved on some jeans,a stripy t'shirt and some underwear. I reached for my hairbrush and started to brush my long,wavy and red hair. I let it wave down as sometimes I cannot be bothered to do anything with it. I made my bed and jumped down the stairs trying to miss out a couple of steps. My dad was sat watching the news as their was a topic about hacking he was very interested in these types of things, disturbingly scary to be quite honest. I jumped on the sofa and hugged him. He was asking me what things I was interested in and what I liked to do, all the dad types of questions. I liked one direction and I loved to go shopping with Connie&Liv (My best mates) He nodded standing up walking into the cupboard getting his coat and work bag. He was still in the cupboard as he shouted "Im going to work Eve hun." When I had heard the door shut I jumped up grabbing my phone texting Connie&Liv 'come round need 2 tlk x' Approximately ten minutes later I heard a knock at the door it was Connie&Liv they bounced into the house and told me what a lovely house I had.

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