This is a story about a girl with a horrid background, it all goes fine but there will always be a cliffhanger in the end. ♥


10. Things will never be the same

It had been a wekk and the search had dropped. Made up sightings had been recieved. Police never keep they're promises do they? Luckily they hadn't been here to our house so YAY! We were going to 'pretend' tommorow that Harry had been on a holiday and he's going to appear back tommorow.

Harry was lovely, he made me feel special like a princess a proper girl. Niall had been round, he was stressing he thought we were going to get caught but we clearly haven't! There was a knock on the door a loud knock it kept on knocking it sounded like a woman shouting "LET ME IN NOW BEFORE I CALL THE POLICE" No it wasn't it wasn't her please god no. "CHILL I'M COMING" I shouted down running down with my slipper boots. I opened the door with a baseball bat for protection. It was her that cow the cow who abused me and nearly made me kill myself. "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT?" "Let me in babe, is your dad here?" She had some jeans on a waistcoat, higheels and lost of makeup. Trying to look classy she just looked like a chav off an estate. "No he isn't here and I do not see why you are either?" "Oh darling I've come to make it up to you! I've had help I've got over him but I need to ask you something comeon let me in Im freezing my toes off here!" I unlocked the bolt and let her in slowly. "Thankyou babe ooh, this is nice fancy and posh your doing well arent you" She laughed thinking she was funny. "Give me a coffee its common courtesy isn't it babe what I thought you" "No what you taught me mum was how to use anybody you can get your hands on as a punchbag" I muttered trudging into the kitchen turning on the kettle.

We sat down me opposite her, I texted dad -Mums here when you finish work?- -I'll be right here he replied-  A couple of minutes later we heard his car pull up I ran to the door letting him in. He stormed in kicking off at mum I dont even want to call her that , He kicked off at Rose thats her name after all. "What the hell are you doing here you dont have rights Rose!" Mum started throwing things in his face like how bad he made her feel. "I just came to ask WHY THE HELL WAS MY LITTLE GIRL IN THE NEWSPAPER ABOUT HARRY STYLES GETTING KIDNAPPED! ANYTHING COULD OF HAPPENED YOU IRRESPONISBLE MAN! YOUR MEANT TO MAKE HER LIFE BETTER NOT WORSE" Because I took her to the concert you know because I work and have money something you'll never have love"  "Dont you dare love me and don't use the fact I'm on the dole because I work in a cleaners now so HA!"  I trudged into the kitchen grabbing a bottle of beer and gulping it down. I got mums handbag and threw it out of the window. "What was that bang Eve? she asked putting on a posh voice. Better not of been my bag" I scraped my feet into the lounge yes it was and i'll throw you out in a minute if you don't get out. 1,2,3 She slammed the coffee cup on the table running out leaving the door open waving showing her bitten skin but false red nails on. I sighed hugging dad sobbing. "Sorry for letting her in Im a mess, Things will never be the same" 

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