This is a story about a girl with a horrid background, it all goes fine but there will always be a cliffhanger in the end. ♥


11. Now everything was really PERFECT ♥

Harry woke me up with a soft kiss on my powdered cheek, I'd forgotten to take my makeup off last night so I was a powdered panda. "Todays the day I come out, we come out Im telling them all your my girlfriend he said kissing me on the lips" "Thats great Im excited babe I said trudging into the en'suite Im getting a shower for the photos I said jokily"  He laughed and played with his phone. I switched the nob on and jumped in washing my hair with Pantene. I jumped out rubbing my hands together wrapping a red fluffy warm towel around me looking at myself in the mirror. I put some talc on and combed my hair through I ran into the bedroom. I slipped the towel off and opened my wardrobe grabbing some leggings and a blouse. I put on my bra and Harry clipped it for me stroking my back. I put on my nickers, buttoned my blouse put on my leggings and my holy fluffy socks. He smiled at me. I rang my dad asking what time he was going. He'd already gone twenty minutes ago.  We ran downstairs as I laced up my red converse and harry put on a pair of blue vans. We ran out of the door locking it putting our hoods up jumping into my car. We drove off to the studio and pretended Harry had got back.

"HARRY WERE HAVE YOU BEEN WE'VE BEEN WORRIED SICK his manager shouted at him"  "Oh on a break with my new girl Eve" The manager Chris smiled at me kissing my hand I held Harries hand smiling at the boys slightly wondering if they liked me. Chris rang up the tabloids revealing he'd been on a holiday with his new girlfriend Eve. The tabloids arrived roughly an hour later with they're cameras and started taking photos of us together and then the full band,manager and my best mates together. My dad got called in he smiled and seemed glad we were together.

Now everything was really perfect.



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