This is a story about a girl with a horrid background, it all goes fine but there will always be a cliffhanger in the end. ♥


8. Kidnapped

No this can't be happening I grabbed his collar. He looked startled so I let go his feet scraping on the floor I collapsed into his arms he hugged me and stroked my hair. "This won't work your career Taylor my dad for a starter!" He smiled hugging my cheek with his warm palm. "It will we'll keep it a secret me,you the girls and the boys will no, its gonna be okay trust me nothing will happen as long as were together. And as for Taylor I ended it last night she'd started getting jealous of fans so I dumped her simples, now I can be with my true love can't I" How can he  make everything sound so simple yet romantic. I looked up into his twinkling eyes smiling hugging his waist. I clasped his hand leading him upstairs running into the room slamming the door. The girls all dropped onto the floor screaming. "Girls shhh he's here Harry's ran away nobody can know apart from us, the boys and Harry okay? And if anybody somehow finds out your faces will be rearranged okay?"

They all nodded slowly and we all just got on as normal. The girls texted each boy telling them the plan and Harry texted louis. We all smiled together singing daft songs and telling jokes. We heard my dads car pull up so we hid Harry in the wardrobe giving him some crisps and a bottle of coke. We all bounced down the stairs saying hi. He put his things on the bench and asked us what we wanted for tea. "Anything dad you don't have to go to much trouble, maybe order a chinese?" He did just that we all picked what we wanted and when it arrived took it upstairs. I gave Harry half of my fried rice and we all ate it happily. "Girls I'm going to drop you off home in about ten minutes so get your things together" They packed they're bags and rolled they're sleeping bags up walking down the stairs. I hugged them all bye giving them all they're tickets and programmes to keep as souiveneirs. They waved bye and I heard the car set off. I ran up the stairs letting Harry out of the wardrobe. "Alone at last" He said to me "Harry we need to talk things through, this can't go on, It was on the news apparently you've been kidnapped.

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