This is a story about a girl with a horrid background, it all goes fine but there will always be a cliffhanger in the end. ♥


7. I've ran away to be with you babe

The concert was over. The boys hugged us goodbye and kissed us all on the cheek. But harry gave me a full on snog. WTH he's giving me mixed signals here. One minute were great friends but the next more than. I cannot say that it was dissapointing. We all jumped into the car giggling and talking non stop. My dad blasted out one direction and we all sang over and over. My dad put his headphones in and we all burst into tears of  laughter. We told each other who we liked best and so on. I had Harry's number Char had Nialls, Liv had Zayn's and Liam had Connie's.

When we got home I texted Harry and everyone texted their boy as we classed them. Nobody got Louis because he was loyal to his girl and just wanted to be a mate. Liam was single as was Niall and Zayn. Harry wasn't but he was acting like he was. Maybe he was going to split up with him. The girls were sleeping. We all ordered a pizza each choosing toppings. We did more beauty makeovers did videos and pictures. We all wore our onesies, Connie in her 1D onesie me in my cow onesie Liv in her Rabbit onesie and Charlotte in an Ed Sheeran onesie, It made us all laugh for ages it had ginger hair jeans and a t'shirt OMD that took a while to get used too. Eventually it was about 1am and Connie fell asleep we drew on her and put shaving foam on her hand tickling it so she had a mustache beard monobrow glasses beauty spot and a creamy cheek. Then Liv feel asleep so me and Charlotte gave her a pen makeup drawing on makeup with felt tips. Then we both talked for half the night and both dropped of at 3am. 

The next morning Charlotte woke up first and shoved me over. We both giggled and tried to wake up Connie but she wasn't having it. Liv woke up stretching and hitting Con by accident. That didn't help so we slipped out of the door grabbed a bucket and filled it with stone cold water. We ran up the stairs trying not to spill any and chucked it over her sleeping bag. She went bonkers! We all burst into laughter but she wasn't laughing. Eventually she looked at herself in the mirro and laughed with us all. We started to smell sausages,bacon and egg and we heard the coffee machine boiling. We ran downstairs and my dad had layed out with table with the keep calm placemats a pink and white table cloth and one direction on the radio. We smiled and all sat down drinking coffee and tucking into our breakfast. "What time did you girls get to sleep I had to use my earplugs last night they are very good" We all laughed. "Erm about eleven Dave" Charlotte lied trying not to laugh. He nodded pretending to believe us. Okay girls I have work so are you going to be okay? "Yes we will Dave" Connie replied. We got up and started to clean up the table then raced up stairs turning my stereo on and getting ready. My phone buzzed it was HARRY STYLES! We all looked and he said he was outside we raced to the window there he was I put on my clothes and did my hair and makeup racing downstairs. "Harry what are you doing here?" "I've ran away to be with you babe he replied kissing me"

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