This is a story about a girl with a horrid background, it all goes fine but there will always be a cliffhanger in the end. ♥


5. Five black shadows

The day of the concert. 5am Wide awake. I slept quite well for the first time in about a month. I got up and ran to my dads room shoving him "Its the concert dad!" Eve its fiveam in the morning for heavens sake but okay yay!" I hugged him gently trying not to annoy him laughing I couldn't sit stil the excitement inside me was building up for a massive eruption at the concert.

I ran downstairs and made some bacon&eggs for dad. Making myself some nutella on toast as I didn't feel like eating to much.  I drank some strong coffee and switched on the radio to Nick Grimshaw Radio 1 Breakfast Show. Dancing along to mcfly Love is easy I made dad a coffee. I heard him walking along the corridor and the bannister squeak. I heard him scraping his feet down the stairs as he stood still in his dressing gown and grey trackies. His hair was such a state , I laughed at him saying "You going like that It'll make a great impression dad " He chuckled replying "Oi cheeky and yes I was preparing to go like this think I look trendy?" He started posing walking down our living room rug blowing kisses. I was nearly in tears I was laughing so much. "Oh dad yes you work it girl!" We collapsed onto the sofa giggling like teenage girls talking about boys. "I made you some breakkie dad its in the kitchen" He smiled kissing my forehead and walking into the kitchen. I ran up the stairs shutting my door turning on my stereo and pressing play. LWWY started playing and I flounced on the bed smiling looking up at my ceiling.

I texted Connie and asked her when she was coming because she was dropping Char and Liv off at mine. They were coming at about elevenish, So I had about two hours to prepare. Ilined all my makeup in neat rows on my dressing table along with all my hair accsesories. I started to heat up my foot spas and put my magazines on a pink foot stool. I put all my nail varnishes and false nails onto a table with wipes and nail polish remover. I grabbed my crimpers,tongs and straighteners putting them on their heat mats on the mini table next to my bed plugging them in but not switching them on otherwise they'd get to warm.

It was eleven and I heard the doorbell ring. I raced downstairs shouting "I'll get it!" Flinging the door open I pretended to be a member of staff, "If you'd like to place your bags on the floor and make your way upstairs you need to grab a dressing gown a face mask and two cucumber slices and a head towel" I laughed letting them all in. We walking up the stairs and each got a dressing gown, facemask ,cucumer and head towel. We placed them on and applied each others green facemasks. We all took photos and saved them to an album called 'One direction Day!' In about ten minutes we all peeled of our facemasks pretending to be aliens peeling off our human masks. We all giggled and threw the cucumber in the bin along with the facemask peel. "Okay girls next is your feet spa's feel free to take a magazine and if you would like any particular song on just feel free to ask" We all started laughing together and sat in the comfy chairs putting our feet into the relaxing foot spa's grabbing some magazines. "Could you put some Jason Mraz on Eve?" Charlotte asked. I put some on and we all sang along whilst having our feet played with by the water. After about twenty minutes I layed some towels down. "Okay place your feet onto the towels stand up and make your way to the nail polish station"  We all did what I said and picked some nail polish Connie painted mine I painted Liv's, Charlotte painted Connie's and Liv painted Charlottes. Charlotte had pink & black crackle so did Char. Liv had blue with white stripes and I had Orange and grey. After we'd done that we did each others hair I had crimp, Liv had straight, Char had straight and Connie just did hers into plaits. We did each others makeup and put hair accsesories in then got dressed. I was wearing my blue dress, boots and a grey cardi. Connie was wearing some shorts, denim waistcoat,pink blouse and some uggs. Charlotte wore a grey dress,blue cardi and converse. Liv wore a skirt,blue vest, pink cardi and some vans.  We headed our way downstairs and my dad drove us to the CA (Cornwall Arena) It was jampacked full of screaming girls. We showed our passes and cut the que  and walked backstage. Connie and Char looked really nervous but me and Liv were bouncing around singing WMYB. We heard footsteps,laughs and saw five black shadows.

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