This is a story about a girl with a horrid background, it all goes fine but there will always be a cliffhanger in the end. ♥


2. But who else?

Weeks had passed since I moved in with my dad. We'd gotten used to it. Daily routines, Daily talks, Daily eating times. The one directino tour was in Cornwall. It got really annoying that Cornwall was where we lived but we didn't have tickets. My dad was a singing coach. He used to live in Ireland before my mum and him split up. He coached Niall Horan, before one direction were around. I hadn't seen Niall for yonks and really wanted to see him. My dad usually went to a couple of tours per month. He got home from work looking very stressed and tired. He didn't look right I mean dad exhausted he's usually bouncing around doing zumba -Not really-  He told me to sit down so I perched on the edge of the black faux leather sofa looking into his shiny blue eyes. He told me that I was going to the one direction concert that I was meeting them and that I got to take three friends! I screamed I couldn't believe it, me an ordianry girl meeting ONE DIRECTION OMG! I leaped at him hugging his neck tight kissing him on his cheeks. This was going to be one of the coolest things I would ever do In my entire lifetime. I had to make the most of it, I texted Connie and rang Olivia because Connie hated talking on the phone because she was paranoyed about her voice. I had to prepare, I have to know everything about them, what they do, where they go, what they like, what they wear. It was abit worrying though, I mean you dont think of actually doing these types of things do you? You imagine it because it's whats all teenage girls would dream of. What if they think i'm weird or ugly. The one thing I have to do is stay cool I can't be there screaming my head off I'll probably deafen them. I never thought, three mates Connie & Liv = two, not three, I can't waste the ticket. Me, Connie&Liv but who else? 

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